Friday, March 11, 2011

Light a Candle

My friend Jacqui
Has asked
That we
Light a candle 
I am asking
That we light
A candle
Say a prayer 
The victims 


  1. beautiful image and thoughts- we are all one in our concern for the people of Japan

  2. I'm adding my prayers and adding the light to the candle. God's blessing to all the victims of the tragedy.

  3. I have been shocked at the rising numbers. They now think that 10,000 could be dead or missing forever. They still have not found a cruise ship or a bullet train with passengers.

    And they have now evacuated 200,000 in a 13 mile radius because of concerns over three nuclear reactors facing possible meltdown.

    Thanks Bee for spreading the word about one of the few positive things we are able to do.

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  5. I'm saying a little prayer right now. x

  6. done. i'll be saying some prayers and lighting candles... thanks for this lovely idea.

  7. Thank you Bee for reminding us what matters....i will pray as well. :-)


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