Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Behind the Smile

Mag 59 

  Photograph courtesy Tess Kincaid, Magpie Tales


To me my dear
It's very clear
Why you look so sad
You cannot smile
To beguile
Because your teeth are bad

Barbara M Lake©
March 2011
Trinidad, WI




  1. Mystery solved! So simple, yet, so very possible.

    We are sometimes disappointed when we find out the truth of a mystery.

    Maybe it's a good thing that we will never know what lies behind the smile.

  2. HA! I laughed out loud at this one. Nice. Guess it is best to leave some things to the imagination ;)

  3. I don't doubt it ~~ way back then!!!

  4. Excellent ...this is brilliant! No wonder she didn't have a full mouth smile.

  5. LOL I am still laughing...this was GREAT!

  6. Absolutely great! Misadventures in dentistry. Very clever. vb

  7. Poor Mona Lisa, you are probably right!

  8. Thank you everyone. Nice that you enjoyed it. Fun and irreverent 'poems' used to be my thing!

    This came easily as many years ago in an art class there was a discussion in which we talked about the Mona Lisa and the so called smile. I said that she probably didn't have any teeth - I couldn't find a way to say that here hence the word 'bad'!! I am sure a better writer could have come up with something.

    A more serious take is going up later today!

  9. LOL no-bullcrap take on a supposed mystery. Love this. =)

  10. just when i think you can't be more funnier... you prove me wrong. love it! your words bring me to smile... no worries on a 'more serious take', there is brilliance in comedy!

  11. Very possibly true - and irreverent, maybe. Well done...

  12. Lovely zany reason for the grin! LOL

  13. I like the fun ones too. Thanks to all.

  14. Thank you Stafford - I'm honoured that you gave it a 10.


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