Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our House - My Daughter and I

The problem that arises when you have your daughter working for you, albeit on a temporary gig, is that she sees exactly what goes on and as a result says things like 'for goodness sake stop stressing', This morning I was told in no uncertain terms that I need a break and she and a colleague spent half an hour trying to convince me that I should take the next five days off. They failed...... I think they're ganging up on me!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our House - Of Toy Boys and Cougars!

Husband leaving through front door yesterday morning, mumbling something.

Me:                "What was that?"
Husband:        "Nothing"
Me:                "You said something"

Husband:        "No I didn't"
Me:                "Yes you did. What did you say?"
Husband:        "I didn't say anything"
Me:                "I heard you!"
Husband:        "I was talking to myself"  

                      Leaves to move car

Me:                "I do hate it when he does that. Think I'll find

                      myself a toy boy!"

Daughter:     "You'll probably find this gross but I know plenty of
                     people who would be very happy to have you as a

Me:               "Don't be silly".
Daughter:     "Yup!"
Me:               "I don't think so"
Daughter:     "Yes they would!"
Me:               "Gross!"

How was that for a start to the day???

Gross is right!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Jester

The quiz I took
In Medieval times
I was a jester
A natural entertainer
One who can
Raise a laugh from the toughest
The quiz I took
In Medieval times
I was a jester
A maker of friends
One who knows
The popular rich and powerful
The quiz I took
In Medieval times
I was a jester
A political animal
One who can play
The diplomatic game
The quiz I took
In modern times
I am an actor
Or world leader
One who is good
At getting along
The quiz I took
Did not say
In modern times
The actor in me
Like the jester of old
Masks the tears
Wears the smile
And hides the pain
� BML January 2009

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have just come out of the shower. I am not a lover of shower gel but there was one hanging there (after all, I did buy it!!) so I thought that for a change, I'd use it instead of my usual creamy soap.

It's scent (or should I say taste?!) is of pomegranate and mango. So I emerged smelling somewhat fruity.

The reason I'm not overly fond of shower gel?

Why on earth would I want to smell like a fruit basket when I can smell of Chanel No 5???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Natasha!

Twenty four years ago today was more than a special day in my life and in the the lives of my husband and son. We were blessed with a baby girl who turned out to be a joy in all of our lives.

Thank you Natasha for bringing such love and for being you. You are blessed with many qualities (some of which need a little more work!) and talents which you haven't even begun to tap into.

You've won awards

St Augustine Community College Prize Giving 2003
Overall Winner

You have a beautiful voice

As Mary Magdalene "I Am Risen" Strand Theatre Port of Spain May 2006

You make us laugh


You are filled with fun

Carnival 2010

Your friends speak of you loyalty, understanding, support in their down times and of your straight forwardness and no nonsense attitude

Happy, happy birthday darling Natasha.

December 2006

May every day of your life be blessed and may you always stay as sweet as you are. Don't let anyone ever steal your joy.

Daddy, James and I love you dearly.

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