Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking News


The burning news  is that the Romanian problem lies with Google Chrome and  apparently  if I wait  a few more says the problem will be resolved.

 I am not holding my breath!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

`Armless Fun

Magpie 157

Venus de Milo with Drawers 1936, Salvador Dali
Courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales on Blogger

I have told you before
That just because
I am
Armless and harmless
Does not mean
That you can use me
As your
Target practice

  Barbara M Lake
  Trinidad WI
   February 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Danger! New Kid on the Block!

A man walked into my office yesterday afternoon (after I'd taken a good look and pressed the switch that opens the door!) and proceeded to tell me after mentioning that he needed money and food, that he had just served 25 years for murder. I kept the smile on my face, advised him as to what he should do next, gave him the apple I had in my bag, told him we had no money on the premises and sent him on his way!! 

On speaking to my boss later on, I learned that this man is not a newbie to our office and was trying it on (yes he did serve the time!) as he knew there was a new kid on the block!

Well he obviously found out very quickly although he was quoting Jesus at me in every other sentence, that this new kid on the block is not an easy touch! I've dealt with his type before although not I must admit, a convicted murderer.  But he served his time so I am not judging.

News of a new kid on the block travels fast!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not Romanian

I am not a happy camper.  

For months now most times when I visit my page, it asks me if I want to translate it from Romanian into English.  I am told that it is in Romanian but apart from capitals which shouldn't be there, it looks very English to me.  I get all sorts of questions including 'always translate into English?" Some of my friends see the same message when they visit my page which I suppose on the whole, keeps them away.

I am even having problems writing posts.  Words disappear and reappear as I'm typing them. Fonts change, size changes.  I have tried everything from removing widgets to reporting it to Google.  All to no avail.    As I type this I cannot see what I'm typing as the page does not move with me.  The font I have chosen to use, does not appear and even though I have blocked pop ups, they keep appearing.

A friend suggested that I was hacked but I have been told it's a Google problem.  If that's the case then Google needs to get its act together and sort it out.

What else do I have to do to get this problem which is part of the reason I don't blog as much anymore, fixed?  I don't want to close my page.

If some of my readers complained to Google (via the tab in the top right hand corner) perhaps something would be done to release me from my misery and frustration.

I don't want to swear - it's Lent!

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