Sunday, January 27, 2013

Antiques Found


Charlotte Gainsburg AnOther
Photograph courtesy Tess Kinkaid Magpie Tales on Blogger

Oh gosh Mum
I know you told me not to go
Up into the attic
Where it’s dusty and glum

Look at these
Treasures I found tucked away
Grandma’s ancient player
And prehistoric black CDs

Barbara M Lake ©
January 2013
Trinidad WI

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our House - Kitchen Dramas!

 For the last couple of weeks a smell in one part of the kitchen has been driving me mad. I would get an occasional whiff of a nasty.  persistent odour which everyone in the rest of the home seemed to be immune to.          
I tried everything  in a bid to find whatever was giving off this terrible smell - from cleaning cupboards to going through gallons of bleach, disinfectant, air freshener. You name it, I tried it!  There was no nasty smell coming from the kitchen sink outlet, the garbage bin or from outside the kitchen window which if you could get out of, would send you on a twenty foot drop! Frustration set in. I was convinced there was either a piece or broccoli or cauliflower rotting behind the cooker because that`s what it smelled like only worse. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the cooker out of its snug built in space .  But determined I was. So much so that I have damaged the top of the cooker in that I lifted it (as one does ordinarily to clean) but the damn thing would`t go back into its original position once I`d determined that there we're no rotting veggies there.

So! Not being able to stand it for a minute longer and furious that no one else could smell it (they all have blocked sinuses or what??)  I decided the time had come, if I was to save my sanity, to move the blasted cooker myself. Not easy!  About to start pulling and tugging, I opened the door to the cabinet which houses the gas cylinders. Blow me down! I instantly found my problem. A leaking gas cylinder!  Leaking gas smells like rotten broccoli and rotten cauliflower both of which I have cooked in the last couple of weeks.  

Like that was enough? This evening I was on my lap top in the kitchen (not literally you understand) when daughter comes in and cries out.  I was too involved in my e mails to hear any disturbance. Daughter rushes passed me gurgling `ugh. ugh` - you know that throat gurgling sound that sometimes comes from the throat??  I looked up and saw her fighting with something on the window sill. I couldn't actually see what was happening but I was aware of the sounds and splaying of arms at the kitchen windows.

Me:  what was that?
Daughter: I don't know but it eyes that stared, a long tail and a long nose.
Me: A Manicou?
Daughter: Not sure.
Me:  a Mongoose?
Daughter: not sure.
Me: a rat?
Daughter: God, I hope not!

And it`s me who is being tested for macular deterioration tomorrow?? HAH!!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our House - Bedtime!!

For those of you who know about my, 'Our House' series and also for those of you who don't, I posted the following elsewhere in the early hours of this morning!!

Conversation less than two minutes ago in the Lake household. i.e. 1.30 am

Daughter coming into kitchen "you do realize it's half past one, don't you?"
Me: "And?"
Daughter" sighs........

You know that disapproving look that a mother gives her daughter?  Well, role reversal was definitely apparent with that comment!!

That's nothing - I'm going to bed in a minute with Grey's Anatomy - that should make the  other half behave in exactly the same way as daughter!!

Like I care!!

On a totally different note I am absolutely fed up with all my posts here being translated from Romanian into English and vice versa.  This has been going on for ages and no amount of removing apps or complaining to Google seems to be working.  


Monday, January 14, 2013

Grey's Logic


Photograph  courtesy Tess Kinkaid,  Magpie Tales on Blogger

Meredith Grey
Why are you dressed like that?
Cristina Yang 
I want to forget 
Derek Shepherd 
And ignore
All of you
Who live in my house

(With apologies to the script writers of Grey's Anatomy!)

Barbara M Lake
Trinidad WI
January 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Deception


Image Daniel Murtagh
Tess Kinkaid Magpie Tales

She watches closely
Waiting to see
What happens
When the damage
She has done
Creates havoc

She waits patiently
In the wings
Knowing that
He will come
When his love
Has had enough

She will console
Hold his hand
Comforting words
To soothe him
Knowing she had
Planned it all

Barbara M Lake  ©
January 2013
Trinidad WI

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Wishing everyone, wherever you may be a happy and wonderful 2013.  For those who didn't achieve what they wanted to in 2012 that year has gone and it's now time to rethink goals, dreams and wishes.  For those who did what they set out to do, well done!

To those on  new paths, be open to whatever blows your way.  There is never such a thing as coincidence.  What is for you is for you and what is not, will not be yours.

I look forward to an unknown 2013 and cannot wait to see what it has in store for me and what I can contribute to it.

To my friends, thank you for being part of my life.  I raise a glass to you all as we continue to share our experiences  whether we stay where we are or move onto pastures new.  Life is a journey and each leg brings something new into our lives.  Let's face it head on and embrace the unknown with determination and a lust for life. 

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