Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our House - Kitchen Dramas!

 For the last couple of weeks a smell in one part of the kitchen has been driving me mad. I would get an occasional whiff of a nasty.  persistent odour which everyone in the rest of the home seemed to be immune to.          
I tried everything  in a bid to find whatever was giving off this terrible smell - from cleaning cupboards to going through gallons of bleach, disinfectant, air freshener. You name it, I tried it!  There was no nasty smell coming from the kitchen sink outlet, the garbage bin or from outside the kitchen window which if you could get out of, would send you on a twenty foot drop! Frustration set in. I was convinced there was either a piece or broccoli or cauliflower rotting behind the cooker because that`s what it smelled like only worse. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the cooker out of its snug built in space .  But determined I was. So much so that I have damaged the top of the cooker in that I lifted it (as one does ordinarily to clean) but the damn thing would`t go back into its original position once I`d determined that there we're no rotting veggies there.

So! Not being able to stand it for a minute longer and furious that no one else could smell it (they all have blocked sinuses or what??)  I decided the time had come, if I was to save my sanity, to move the blasted cooker myself. Not easy!  About to start pulling and tugging, I opened the door to the cabinet which houses the gas cylinders. Blow me down! I instantly found my problem. A leaking gas cylinder!  Leaking gas smells like rotten broccoli and rotten cauliflower both of which I have cooked in the last couple of weeks.  

Like that was enough? This evening I was on my lap top in the kitchen (not literally you understand) when daughter comes in and cries out.  I was too involved in my e mails to hear any disturbance. Daughter rushes passed me gurgling `ugh. ugh` - you know that throat gurgling sound that sometimes comes from the throat??  I looked up and saw her fighting with something on the window sill. I couldn't actually see what was happening but I was aware of the sounds and splaying of arms at the kitchen windows.

Me:  what was that?
Daughter: I don't know but it eyes that stared, a long tail and a long nose.
Me: A Manicou?
Daughter: Not sure.
Me:  a Mongoose?
Daughter: not sure.
Me: a rat?
Daughter: God, I hope not!

And it`s me who is being tested for macular deterioration tomorrow?? HAH!!!!



  1. Jeiks, this gave me an early morning giggle . Thank you. Hugs you tight.

    1. That`s good as most of us can do with an early morning giggle!

  2. Rats are so horrid - we used to get them when we kept chickens.

    The tubes on those gas cylinders do crack after a while - you'll know to keep an eye on them future.

    Good luck with your tests tomorrow/today.

    1. It wasn't a rat thank goodness. It was a Manicou! It turned out to be the gas cylinder itself. We were unlucky as the next one was the same. Test was cancelled! By them, not me.

  3. A gas leak could have been very, very dangerous. The sense of taste and smell can be very selective. One man's perfume is another's rotten eggs. Glad you found the source and I assume ended the leak.

    So was it manicou season? And how do they cook them in Trinidad?

    BTW the Romanian issue is all over Chrome which is a Google application. Even ABC was in Romanian yesterday per Google.

    1. Fortunately it`s bottled as opposed to natural gas but am still not taking any chances. This manicou and probably a few others plus mongoose live in the grounds of the house especially in the bamboo so there`s no danger of any of them being shot by hunters. There is a gaming season which I will look up and all the hunted species including agouti are known as wild meat. I don`t eat it. Out of season it's against the law to keep wild meat in your freezer but people do and sell at astronomical prices. I think my Romanian issue is solved. Fingers crossed.

  4. Glad you got to the bottom of the smell before something really bad happened.

  5. Your kitchen sounds like an exciting place! I am very sensitive to odors and others think I'm imagining things sometimes ; ) Glad you kept looking until you uncovered the problem. Our noses know!

  6. One of the problems was that no one else seemed to be able to smell it so it was put down by my dear family as wife/mother being neurotic! I know a smell when I smell one!!!


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