Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our House - Racquet Versus Mosquito.

Not for the faint -hearted! Strong language!

Only a few of my friends know that my husband has not been at all well for the last few weeks.  In fact, he has not been well for a few months but his health has deteriorated drastically over recent weeks.  However, all is not lost.  He is undergoing treatment for what has already transpired  and all being well, when the 'detectives' find what else is going on in that body of his, we will know what the next move is.  Suffice to say, dialysis is on the cards.

All drama has its humorous moments and as many of you will already know,  especially in our house! My daughter has been spending a great deal of time at home since my husband's health took a bad turn.  Well, you can imagine:

We get alot of mosquitoes. No amount of spray, coils, citronella or other products seem to keep them at bay.  We have what looks like a tennis racquet which is used to zap them.  This is charged so when the little  blighters are zapped, a flash of blue light appears together with a cracking sound  and you hear them leave this earth.

Heard in the Lake household yesterday evening:

A zap!

Daughter: 'There you go mother fucker!'
Me: 'Oh! Really?'

Three more zaps one after the other.

Daughter: 'Aha!'
Me: 'It had brothers and sisters?"

I love it when she comes home!

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