Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Farewell Gracie. Soar with Angels.....

This evening a group of us gathered to say final nine night prayers for our dear Gracie who died the Sunday before last at the age of 84.  This was no usual 84 year old. She never made a fuss but was an active and driving force in Ministry, nothing was ever too much trouble; on the Saturday before she went home she was hard at it helping out at a parish retreat; she  drove her car during the day (without glasses) and had two wonderful dogs who are now bereft.

Gracie went to Mass that Sunday morning, did what she had to do in setting out the gifts, talked to and welcomed parishioners into the church  and after Mass, went home. No one really knows exactly what happened next.  It would appear that she sat on the settee in her living room, had a cup of coffee and suddenly, totally relaxed, legs stretched out and feet crossed, went home.  No one thought to call her or check on her on the Sunday afternoon when she did not come to open the church for the end of the retreat. Had the people who had been running the retreat been  our normal crowd of which Gracie was very much a part, someone would have gone to find her.  But someone else opened the church that afternoon  and no questions were asked.  That was perhaps a blessing because had any one of us gone, they wouldn't have known where to start. Gracie for all her loving ways, humour and willingness was an extremely private person and no one would have known who to contact.  A very good friend of mine who was close to Gracie and heard her stories did not know until the death, that she had a half sister who we all know and interact with. 

On Monday morning Gracie's mechanic went to her home. She had expected him in Saturday afternoon but he was a no show.  Apparently he tried to call her on and off on Sunday but there was no reply to those calls.  He went to her house on Monday morning and found the front door which leads into the living room, wide open. He went for a neighbour and together they entered the house.

Gracie was 'asleep' on the settee.  The dogs who are usually extremely vocal  had not barked, according to a neighbour, since Sunday morning. I have visions of them lying at her feet.

Sleep well darling Gracie - "well done good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25: 23).

Soar with angels beautiful soul.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Belgian Breakfast


Photograph courtesy of Tess Kinkaid,Magpie Tales 

I have very small feet
That can weave themselves
In and out of 
Any situation

I can stand on the table
In between breakfast clutter
Reaching for the
Cookie jar

I munch my way through
Belgian choco drizzled biscuits  
No footprints left
Toes protected

Barbara M Lake  ©
Trinidad WI
Oct 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shub Divali 2014

To all my Hindu friends who are celebrating today, I wish you blessings, peace and love.

For those of you interested in this Festival you may like to go to one of my earlier posts on Divali. I think over the years I have probably posted about four!


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Magpie 239  

Autumn in Madeira - Yacek Yerka
Courtesy of Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales

Car direct tv
Squatters living on the lands
Stolen from the State

Barbara M Lake ©
Trinidad WI
October 2014

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