Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Birthday, Mortality and Forgiveness!

I wrote this a few minutes ago on Face Book so would like to share it here.

I am copying and pasting (because it's easier and late in the day) so there will undoubtedly be a white background.  That is the least of my worries.  It's the message I want to get across!!

Over the last two weeks, many of us friends here in Trinidad (and probably further afield) have unexpectedly lost family, friends and acquaintances which has more than shocked us. For me, especially as I have a birthday tomorrow, it has made me realize once again, my own mortality. I normally manage to put that to the back of my mind but today, as I have been doing for the last several weeks, I am facing it head on because the one certain thing in this life is that death is inevitable. No one can get around it and bargaining with the man upstairs doesn't actually cut it!
No there is nothing wrong with me - I am not ill (maybe a little off my rocker at times and for those of you who follow me, know I fall alot!!) but I have decided to put certain things that I thought I had overcome and obviously had not, behind me. I am extending my hand in friendship to those who have hurt me and to those I have hurt. You know, at the end of the day, we can either be forgiving or remain remain hard hearted. I have seen what hard heartedness does and it's not pleasant. It manifests in so many unsuspecting ways, including physical illness. Me? I want peace and harmony and wish the same for the people in my life, be they family or friends. Extending the olive branch is never a sign of weakness.
Life is not a rehearsal people! Decide today what you want out of the rest of yours! With love xxx

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Our House - Of Sneezes and Panda Eyes

So yesterday morning whilst on my way to work, completely out of the blue, I had an attack of the sneezes.  Not one, not two but many, many atishoos!  It seemed to go on forever and I could feel very wet eyes.

We are stationary at a traffic light. I turn to husband:
Me: Is my face black?
Husband: Black?
Why nine times out of ten does he answer a question with a question??
Me: Yes, black!
Husband: What do you mean?
Me: Do I have black on my face?
Husband: Where?
Exasperated now!
Me: Do I have smudged eyes or mascara running down my face?
Husband: No.
Me with watering eyes thinks to self  'he didn't look'.
Get into office, look in mirror and guess what! 
Yup - got it in one! Panda eyes!

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