Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Our House - Of Sneezes and Panda Eyes

So yesterday morning whilst on my way to work, completely out of the blue, I had an attack of the sneezes.  Not one, not two but many, many atishoos!  It seemed to go on forever and I could feel very wet eyes.

We are stationary at a traffic light. I turn to husband:
Me: Is my face black?
Husband: Black?
Why nine times out of ten does he answer a question with a question??
Me: Yes, black!
Husband: What do you mean?
Me: Do I have black on my face?
Husband: Where?
Exasperated now!
Me: Do I have smudged eyes or mascara running down my face?
Husband: No.
Me with watering eyes thinks to self  'he didn't look'.
Get into office, look in mirror and guess what! 
Yup - got it in one! Panda eyes!


  1. Your recorded conversations with your family are very interesting.

  2. hehehehe, you have my husband, return him immediately!!!!! same here, i am usually so exhausted by the end of these exchanges, i just stop talking. and mine can't hear much fun!!!!

    thanks for visiting!!!!

  3. Good one Bee. I always use the waterproof

    1. I don't. It breaks the lashes and once you get to my age, they don't grow anymore!!!

  4. I think, after being married a long time myself, we may not listen as well or hear as well! With my husband face only covers the cheeks, I would have to say DO I have black under my eyes for him to look at the right spot!

    Thanks for visiting. Have a blessed week.

  5. Thanks for the visit and kind words!

    Oh my goodnes, what shall we do with those husbands?


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