Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Childhood Lost

Mag 238

Photo courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales on Blogger

Now that I'm grown up
And know the world
Walking through water
Is so different
To when I was
A child

Then it was splashing fun
Carefree and innocent
Jumping in glee
Now I feel 
The wading weight
Of loss

Barbara M Lake 
September 2014
Trinidad WI

Thursday, September 25, 2014

There Is Always Hope.

Yup, I've done it again. I haven't posted for over a month. No Magpies, no titbits, no updates.  Sometimes I forget that I used to be an avid blogger with daily posts covering everything from household happenings to world events.

Today I look around and I see destruction. I see wars that should never have been allowed to happen. I see people fleeing their homes, barbarism, an unwillingness by those who could,  send help to  those going through hell because they are of a different faith and a terrible, terrible fear comes over me that if this is allowed to continue, we will all eventually be affected.  

Closer to home, in the last seven days - the first beginning last Friday, I know five families who have each lost a loved one.  It is totally overwhelming and whilst I do so want to write, I cannot get myself together to a find a topic that would be uplifting, humorous and intelligent.  I could of course write about the present government in Trinidad and Tobago but given its shenanigans, am not sure that that would be labelled 'Humorous' or just plain 'Sad'.  I could write about the intersection on new highway in my area that seems to have stumped a great many motorists and from where I am sitting, can hear numerous bangs one of which resulted in a death.  That would come under 'Stupidity' because people do not read the signs. I could also write about the upcoming 2015 General Election but that would have to have the heading 'Dirty Politricks' and because of what is already going on, I cannot face that yet.  I could talk about the reaction of Trinidadians to the fifty two armoured vehicles that the government thought necessary to bring into the country as if they were expecting a war along the lines of Israel and Palestine or the Syrian government and ISAL but I'm not sure what that would come under. 'Over the Top' perhaps?

I could write about my frustration on the work front because in the past, that was always good for a smile or giggle.  But downright hostility is not good for the soul although I could write about it under "Affecting My Spirit".

To those who are suffering, who are grieving, who feel that there is nothing left for them, I say 'take heart'.  There is always hope. Whilst there is breath, there is always hope and whilst there is life no matter how bad it may seem, there is always hope.

For the bereaved, I send flowers.

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