Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Age Is Just a Number!

I made it! Yipee~!!!

Season's Greeting to All

 I haven't been around with one thing and another - a crazy work schedule prior to Christmas, then deciding on the 23rd that it really was time to do something about the holiday.  My family had a beautiful Christmas together  and I hope y0u all did too.

To each and everyone of you who come to my page I wish you and those close to you a warm and beautiful season filled with love, laughter, joy, peace and abundant blessings.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Memo to God: 

This is very, very serious.  Too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

Please, please, please make each day at least 25 hours and each week,  at least 8 days! 

With love anyway from an overworked, frustrated,  non blogging at the moment due to lack of time,  Barbara

Monday, December 12, 2011

Capital Punishment - What is Your Stance?

This post is not pretty.
I am tired, so tired of the crime in this country. 
Less than a week of the Sate of Emergency being lifted, I learned from the tv news this evening that the husband of a friend of mine was murdered in his own home yesterday in broad daylight. The rest of the family were tied up and beaten. I'm not an advocate of capital punishment but I am seriously beginning to wonder if I have the right attitude. Add to that another couple I know well who live in the same area, being attacked by intruders whilst sleeping at 2am even though the downstairs of their home is burglar proofed. I have attended too many funerals of people I know who have lost their lives brutally and some I couldn't attend because it was too overwhelming.

God help this country where life has become so cheap, where we allow criminals to rule and literally get away with murder, where school children carry knives, where innocent people are losing their lives, where people believe the world owes them a living so take instead of earn, where corruption is rife, where we live behind barbed wire, burglar bars and gated communities with guards at the gates, where rapes are every day occurrences, where one doesn't feel safe in an open car park and where people who care and those who are affected are crying for justice and getting no answers,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Forgotten


Lunch, George Tooker, 1964, Columbus Museum of Art
Photo courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales

Deep concentration
On the victuals provided
By people who care
And those willing to give
Of their time

No conversations
Or smiles between diners
Just emptiness etched
On deeply lined faces
That have lived

No interaction
Or pleasantries exchanged
In an attempt 
To make a friend
Or two here 

Underlying suspicion
That others will see
Ice cold fear  
In the blank stares
 Of the forgotten

Barbara M Lake ©
Trinidad, WI
December 2011

Graduation 2011

Last Sunday Natasha graduated from the Institute of Law and Academic Studies (ILAS) in Trinidad and Tobago with an LLB (Hons) Law Degree from the University of London, UK.

We are extremely proud of our daughter because in the face of adversity, many challenges, hours of hard work whilst holding down a demanding job with American Airlines,  a great deal of angst and times when she said she could never do it,  she managed to stay focused and come out at the other end with a qualification that is definitely well deserved.

Yes I may seem to be the doting mother and I make no apology for that.  There were times when I thought I was doing the  degree with her but I don't regret for one minute,  the ups, downs, dramas  and the costs incurred.

Yes she still has to gain her Legal Practitioner's Certificate which involves more intense study but I am sure she's on her way.

Congratulations and  much love darling girl.

Dr Gail Narayansingh Principal of ILAS with Natasha M Lake (LLB (Hons)

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