Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Dream Dead People

When I dream of one of my late parents I tend to get concerned. When I dream of both of them in the same dream I get very worried!  I have long ago, come to the conclusion that they are not calling me 'home' but are more than likely warning me of some impending unpleasantness.

So when I dreamed very vividly last night, of both my parents in very strange circumstances, on waking I knew I had to be careful.  Everything in the dream pointed to deceit.  I am not superstitious but I do believe that the Spirit is talking to me and that He  sometimes uses my parents as the channel to get to me.  After all, I listened to them when they were alive (for the most part!!)  - why on earth wouldn't I listen to them when they are in heaven?

It was an extremely disturbing dream.  

Whilst my father was in the dream in that I was with him in a car and we stopped off  on our way to a wedding to buy cigars, my mother in the form of a sick baby was the prominent one.

I had nothing to wear for the wedding but somehow I ended up on the church wearing a beautiful hat and suit. I was carrying a baby wrapped in a white muslin cloth and the baby was very ill.  I told everyone that the child looked like six months old but was in fact sixty four and was not a baby at all, but my mother.

A surgeon male friend (who as far as I know is still alive!) came to me and told me that I needed to get the baby into medical care and he would arrange it.  I followed him from the church into a hospital room - all the time carrying and talking to the baby who I knew was really my mother.  I was telling her that it was going to be all right and that she would live whilst in my mind, I knew she would not survive her illness. 

I was still wearing the wedding outfit which was black and red.  The baby (my mother) began to vomit - the colour of the vomit was sky blue (as in a perfect day) and it looked like blue washing powder. There was a lot of it and comparing it to the colour of the sky is the only way I can describe it.  I held the baby up and away from me so that I would not  get dirty but when I began to cuddle her again, she decided to poop all over me!  My surgeon friend told me that I could not go to the wedding in that outfit and that I would have to change.  My clothes were soiled as was the blanket. Nurses were walking by and touching the baby's cheek and I was explaining to them that this was no baby but my mother who all of a sudden was making what appeared to be a miraculous recovery.   She was now sitting up on the hospital bed and seemed to be almost adult again - not quite but almost.  She was smiling and talking but I cannot recall what she said.

In many dream dictionaries, excrement in a dream supposedly represents money, wealth, profits or tangible value and is a lucky omen pertaining to material gain.  I am not sure that I believe that - we will just have to wait and see but I do know that  weddings, soiled clothes, babies, illness are said to be, amongst many other things,  signs of deceit and/or scandal .

I am already aware of the scandal and I know where the deceit came from and continues to  come from.  I know where the knives are coming from too but I also know that my mother and father had and still have my best interests at heart and will continue to come to me in dreams when I'm trying to dodge the knives!

What's your interpretation and do you believe that warnings can come to you in dreams?  Or can our dreams be put down to overactive minds, too much television (not in my case!), vivid imagination, the sub conscious or some deep rooted, long forgotten childhood experience that we'd rather not deal with?


  1. Oh, I do believe in messages in dreams. And I do hope that you are right about the money part of this dream of yours. Then you could take a vacation and come visit me and we could talk about such thanks mana y mana.

    I never discount messages in dreams. But I also believe that a strict interpretation is not always possible. We have a tendency to disguise meanings in our dreams as if even asleep we are unable to face the music. I go more with the feeling I have upon wakening. Was I disturbed, uneasy or feeling more confident, etc.

    Rather than try to decode dreams I try to meditate soon after wakening and see if in the meditation the meanings of the dreams are revealed.

  2. Sorry I haven't got round to responding to your comment Jacqui - you know my schedule and today is my first day off since Ash Wednesday! I will catch up with your posts.

    I think we can probably pass on the money part!! Strict interpretation is not possible at all - someone tried to tell me that the baby was not my mother but a metaphor - I got totally lost a third of the way through their version and to make matters worse it was anonymous!

    I'm just continuing to watch my back! Which by the way, hurts. R says I picked something heavy up - am always doing that for the simple reason it's easier than waiting for someone I've asked to do it, to actually do it!! Sighs deeply ............


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