Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tea at Torosay Castle with Mr Toast

Mr Toast's Second Annual Tea has come round so quickly. Not that I'm complaining because last year was such a wonderful event.   This year he's holding it Torosay Castle on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. There are magnificent gardens but I doubt that we'll see much of them given the weather.

I'm just a little unsettled because the weather in the UK is so bad that flights from this part of the world are back logged so I'm hoping that all is well later on tonight.  If we do manage to get away, it looks as though we will be diverted from Gatwick to London Heathrow.

Pity there aren't any direct flights from here to an airport in Scotland.  However, Oscar the pilot of the jet is standing my at Gatwick waiting to hear if he has to get a move on to Heathrow.  Once we leave whichever airport for Scotland we should be okay although he will not be able to fly us into Mull. I think we may have to helicopter onto the Castle grounds so I'm waiting to hear from Mr Toast as to whether or not there's a landing pad.  If not it could be a bit ucomfortable on that ferry.

I took photos of the chopper last time I used it so of course this is what it looks like on a good day!! No snow!

My wardrobe is packed and bearing in mind how bitterly cold it is on Mull I have kept to very warm clothes for both inside and outdoors. Scotland is cold at the best of times so now it must we worse than the Antartic!

I'm wearing the following to travel which will also be ideal for when we arrive.

Just in case anyone is worried or wants to throw paint at me, it's faux - I locked my mink and red fox away years ago.

I'm travelling in these Yves Saint Laurent boots  

And will change into these on arrival:

This is the outfit or as near as dammit under the coat:

If I get really cold, I'll add this:

I know it's a bit much for a couple of days but I'm taking the following as well.  I never was one for travelling light no matter how much  I've tried. At least I've cut down on the shoes - there was a time when I'd take a pair of shoes to match every outfit!!!

I can't remember if I packed the shoes that go with this outfit so I may have to wear the following instead: decisions, decisions:

With these:

I'm taking some goodies as well. I hope they don't spoil but they are well packaged.

This cake is known as the  Carinthian Reindling Cake, Carinthia  being the Austrian province in which my mother was born - as I was. I used to watch my grandmother make this cake - hours and hours of patience and love went into it.  Growing up it was a favourite if not the favourite of all my cakes.

And a wicked Sachertorte as well.

And of course, I couldn't possibly come without a box of these for everyone.

The famous Mozart chocolates.

Looking forward to Gluwwein on arrival!

Happy and safe travelling everyone.  see you there.

Now where the hell is my date????


  1. Oh Bee--how wonderful! You'll look like a million! And very responsible of you to choose the faux fur.

    I'll be sending out prayers for your snow-troubles. I'm just dying to see you at the tea.


  2. At the moment I'm sitting at Heathrow cradling a very large gin and tonic. No word from Oscar as yet and my date is stuck in a traffic jam!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Look forward to seeing you when you arrive at the tea!

  4. have lovely taste in clothing! I especially love all the furry hats! So stylish! Hope the weather cooperates for your helicopter landing! We will have SO much fun...looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. oh i love your blue coat with fur trim. fabulous. looking forward to meeting with you at the tea! xxoo

  6. I can tell you have a weakness for fine clothes, they all look fabulous. See you at the tea!

  7. Oh my, your ensmbles for the weekend at Torosay Castle are absolutely FABOULOUS! Your black dress is so elegant and the black slacks and turtleneck are very classy. I agree about the faux fur...mine is too...definetly the way to go. I'm looking forward to trying some of that Carinthian Reindling Cake!
    Now I could use one of those Gin & Tonics : )

  8. Kathy G, Betsy, Heather, Christine and LadyCat - so looking forward to seeing you.

    Everything went very smoothly after Oscar arrived at Heathrow from Gatwick and Hugh managed to get through the traffic on the M4. Oscar with his usual dashing charm managed to pull a few strings saying that we needed to get clearance for take off asap because we were guests at an aristocratic function and being late would not be seen as acceptable. He didn't actually say that Queen Elizabeth would be attending and that there was no way we could arrive after her but I do believe his wording allowed the authorities to think that we were 'very important' and that Lilibet would be displeased if we did not turn up. I did have to stop Hugh from snorting and making some cutting remarks reminding him that he was not on set now and that he should try to come out of the House character for a couple of days!

    The helicopter pilot who took us from Glasgow airport to Mull (and landed so elegantly - no bumps) was charming but I couldn't understand a word he said! I think he flies choppers out to the North Sea rigs.

    We are here- there's a wonderful log fire burning in our (please note), two bedroomed suite and Hugh and I are having a drink before we go downstairs to see who else is here.

    This is awesome!

  9. Bee, you've arrived! Sorry, I can;t say hellow quite yet--stuck back in the kitchen with the staff--we're having to make mince from scratch, sorry to say, as the delivery truck slid right off the icy road getting here. Oh dear me, what is christmas without littel mince pies? no, no, that won;t do. We will work aroudn that. I have very talented staff you know.

    you know, do keep you eyes out on the Hugh--can be something else.

    Oh, so glad yo found the helipad00it is rather tucked away there in the back so does make fora bit of a walk in the snow to the castle, but never mind, I trust my butler has served you your choice of tea or whatever warming you need? We shall see you at 5:00 pm British time promptly for the official tea kick off!

  10. Dear Bee,
    Love your festive attire. We are sure to have a blast! Isn't Torosay Castle just perfect?!!
    And you will get second looks with your choices of attire, daaahling... LadyCat and I have arrived and find Torosay to be the most dashing place, don't you think?... Hope to see you asap ... have a loving evening!
    Lord Thomas of Wellington
    :) The Bach

  11. Mmm sorry to hear about the mince pies - do you need any help? I'm sure you have excellent staff and I may get in the way - but I'm more than happy to come and sit in a corner of the kitchen. Gluwein by any chance?

    Oh we didn't walk from the Helipad. There was a sleigh there so we just popped on and said 'thank you'.

    Hugh has wandered off!! I think he feels that if he doesn't practice with that stick, he'll lose the part inspite of all the Emmys or whatever they are he's won. I believe he keeps one as a door stop! What is it about the men I bring to these affairs??

    Your Butler is doing a grand job and you made the perfect choice there. Oh I gave him the Reindlings and the Sachertortes. yoi can put the Mozart chocs under that beautiful tree and distribute them as and when you feel like it.

    My dear Lord Thomas of Wellington,

    So nice to see you again. Can't wait to see you in that tux! I saw LadyCat from a distance a little earlier so we'll all catch up later.

    This is so awfully civilized and I'm so happy to be here. Splendid don't you know!!

  12. Oh your clothes are fabulous. Of course mine are all faux fur also. Could not wear the real thing. We must chat at the tea. I will be looking out for you. Definitely want to see if your date made it.

  13. So nice to see you and we will definitely chat.

    Yes Hugh made it but he's still off somewhere practicing with that damn stick. He doesn't seem to want to come out of character!

    Definitely faux these days - I used to wear fur but couldn't now.

  14. I am in love with that black dress... can I try it on...please? pretty please?

  15. BOO! hHahhaha. Happy journeys, dear Bee. Thank you so much for coming, you were such a hoot! :) you really added your flair to the whole night.

  16. Your wardrobe choices are fantastic! I especially am fond of the boot choices.

    I am hoping to have a slice of your Carinthian Reindling Cake!

  17. Dear Bee,

    As a newcomer to this,I'm amazed at how well prepared you were. All those fabulous fur hats too. Now I want to go out and buy one! The food looked wonderful, so decadent and although the Tea is now over, your generosity will remain in my memory!
    Safe trip home.

  18. Actually Star, because there is so much going on at the moment, I left all this to the last minute!! Same thing happened last year and for willow's Ball. Have to be better prepared next time. But these interactions are fun and bring us into contact with people we may have otherwise missed.

    Welcome to my page.

  19. Your exquisite...and those die for. It was a lovely Tea wasn't it?

  20. Just checking in to make sure you arrived back safely and in one piece, dear?

  21. Thank you Wanda - it was indeed.

    Yes I made it thank you and am now apart from work, in the throes of the wedding - although as the groom's mother not a great deal has fallen to me which if truth be told, is probably just as well. Thank you for the earlier congratulations Mr T - much appreciated. Maybe one day when the dust has settled, I will blog on the wedding!


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