Monday, December 27, 2010

How Icicles are Made

Those who have known me for quite a long time know that I am at heart, an avid blogger. Even with a heavy workload it was unusual for me to go for more than two or three days without putting fingers to keyboard.

The last few weeks have been a bit hairy as they say with so much happening on both the home and the work front. Some of it fun (the wedding), some of it frustrating, some of it annoying, some of it scary (my husband's illness) and some of it down right unnecessary. But no one ever said that this road would be straight and easy. I have always maintained that it's a very good thing that we cannot see round those corners because if we could, many of us would give up before we even started the ignition!

I really hope to be around more in 2011 with more humour than I have dished out lately - or not dished out as it were.

Given the recent bad weather that has been plaguing many parts of the world bringing some countries to a virtual standstill, I would like to just give those of you who are snowed in, a very gentle reminder as to how icicles are made and for those tempted, keep your tongues to yourselves!!


  1. HAHA This is cute. I love it. It was nice seeing you yesterday and we'll take a shot another time. :)

  2. Hilarious! And I just took a picture of the beautiful icicles hanging off the front of our house : )

  3. Making it through 2010 and keeping your sense of humor - priceless!

  4. Yes we will Marie

    Just take the picture LadyCat, nothing more!

    Not a great deal of choice really Jacqui!


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