Wednesday, December 8, 2010



In another time
In a troubled land
A different sleigh
Bells in tandem
With the trot
Of horses hooves

Coats, hats and
Muffs of fur
Blankets covering knees
Keep out the bitter
Cold and wind
Of bleak winter

Only jingling bells
Break the eerie
Silence of day
As Zhivago and 
His beloved Lara
Escape to Varykino

Barbara M Lake
December 2010


  1. Blankets covdring knees...brrrr your words make it seem very very cold...

  2. This is so well written ...Dr Zhivago and his Lara ...I can still see them in their horse and sleigh.

  3. Very nice! This does conjure up feelings of Uri and Lara and all that snow. It's time to watch Dr. Zhivago of my favorites : )

  4. Thank Marilyn - I knew what I wanted to write but somehow the end product wasn't exactly what I had in mind

  5. LadyCat - thank you - I can see the snow and the hear jungle of the bells on the sleigh getting louder and louder.

  6. Ah, that story of love in winter! Very nice.
    New Snow

  7. Okay, you got me. I love-love-love Doctor Zhivago.

  8. Love the vision of the Doctor and Lara.

  9. A beautiful poem and tribute to a beautiful story...i love this Bee! :-)

  10. One of my all time favorite films ... your Magpie captures its essence beautifully.

  11. Dr Zhivago - with all the snow falling in the background,Omar Shariff, talking huskily, snowflakes on his cape, who could forget the scene. Wonderful memories in your poem. Excellent!

  12. The only thing I remember liking about that movie was the theme. I learned to ski with that theme. Your poem conjured up those memories and cold unforgiving winters.

  13. This had great imagery.
    Very nice poem and surprise reference at the end!

  14. Yes Strummed Words, new snow.

    Tess I know you have a soft spot for Yuri!

    To thingy, Carrie, Helen, Tumblewords, kaykuala - I'm happy that I was able to touch a chord.

    Jacqui - well at least you liked the musical theme and learned to ski.

    cosmos cami - you are kind - much appreciated.

    Thank you to everyone - and I was going to bin it.

  15. It's so odd I got through the first 2/3rds of your poem and thought Oh Dr. Zhivago then read on and there is was! This a great treat to read I may just have to set aside a log afternoon and re-watch the movie!

  16. Ah ha Amanda - it worked! It's nice that you thought it was a treat to read - enjoy the movie - once again!

    I haven't seen it for years and all the comments are making me think that perhaps I should watch it again too!

  17. Enjoyed the imagery here! And although it has not yet begun to snow here in the City, your poem made me think of some of the possibilities when it will indeed begin to!
    Brr... time for a hot cocoa now though! :)
    A cool Magpie!

  18. Thank you kavisionz for visiting, taking the time to read and for leaving such a nice comment. Enjoy the hot cocoa!


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