Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shoes Galore!

Those of you who know me or have been following me for some time, will know that I'm very fussy about shoes and anything with clumpy heels or anything that doesn't make me at least four inches taller, is definitely a no-no. Silver with rhinestones are also definitely out as are plastic or whatever material it is that is used instead of leather together with yellow-gold, un-cushioned insoles, see through/plastic heels etc............... get the picture?

I spent almost eight hours today looking for a pair of shoes to go with the dress I'm wearing to my son's wedding next Friday.  The whole of today is worth an "Ours House Series' blog but at the moment I'm too frazzled!  All I know is that I walked that Mall with my daughter several times and went into at least twelve shoe shops some of which, the thresholds I will never cross again! Including the one where I took the photo seen above!  The shoes were expensive, tacky, the service dreadful and the staff  rude.

I have been coordinating for years so when a girl who is young enough to be my grand daughter has  the audacity to tell me that she wouldn't put a certain color with another and that she would definitely want to put silver shoes with diamante with my shade of dress, I walked out of the shop before I told her that all her taste was in her mouth!

Tomorrow is Sunday and whilst I know I'm supposed to rest on the seventh day, sorry God that's not an option.  I'm off to another Mall in a bid to close the deal!  Will keep you posted!!


  1. Good luck!

    I went through the same problem in the spring when Son #2 got married. However, I wanted something with a small heel, because I don't wear high ones any more.

    I ended up with a pair of dye-to-match shoes. I didn't realize how many styles they came in.

  2. Yes, I suspect God will understand. Perhaps try not to cuss though if you get terribly flustered. LOL. Oh dear you are getting close to the big day, Bee! Good luck.

    BTw, I thought your shoes were just fabulous at the xmas tea party!

  3. I hate shopping . . . for anything. Shoes have to be flat. The last time I spent hours and days looking for something was MY son's wedding three years ago. Oh Lord, finding something was just awful. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be back to check for success.

  4. I suppose bare feet are out? Those shoes in the photo look hideous....when you find your shoes-do tak a photo of them for us!
    and good one telling off that rude clerk!
    Honestly it does make one wonder.

  5. The right shoes are always a challenge. I love shoes, but finding just that right pair can be very frustrating. My thoughts are with you on your quest : )

  6. That's a tough one! And with a size 5.5, finding the "right" pair for me is doubly difficult!! So, irrespective of whether God understands your dilemma or not, I sure do!!
    And I sincerely hope you found THE pair yesterday :) And if not, Good Luck! You still have a few days left...

  7. I'm a self-confessed shoeholic! But as I said, a fussy shoeholic!

    Thank you everyone for input and nice comments.

    Found the exact pair yesterday after four hours! Phew! Photos up after the wedding which is on Friday!


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