Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Timless Piece

Magpie Tales#41

By kindness of Willow on  Magpie Tales

There you stand
Against the wall
As life goes on

You are ancient
Tall beech antique
Past your prime

Long heavy pendulum
Swings no more
Have gone silent

Once standing proud
As masters checked
By your accuracy

Suddenly hands stopped
On Roman eleven
Or event unseen?

In your face
Cracks and lines
Dull and yellow

No auction room
Will you see
But handed down

Busy lives abound
Without a glance
The imposing fixture

Lavender polished always
With loving care
For service rendered

Barbara M Lake
November 2010


  1. beautiful Ode to a retired clock eloquently put.

  2. Thank you Amanda! I was about to take it down but you give me hope!!!

  3. Don't take it down! I enjoyed the read... =)

  4. This reminded me of my Grandfathers "grandfather clock" - I don't think I can ever remember it working!

    Don't take it down!

  5. So many lovely lines! Masters checking fobs by the clock's accuracy ... my favorite image.

  6. Sadly, the grandfather clock is bulky,heavy,
    monstrous so many things going against it. The cell phone is even taking over from the likes of Seiko, Longines to name a few. Brilliant take

  7. I like it! A timeless piece indeed! :)

  8. what an eloquent magpie...i remeber the old clock at my grandparents well...

  9. Wondrous ode to this time piece served well, love the eloquence in your words, as if such a cherished part of life.

  10. I thanked each and everyone of you personally but Blogger gobbled them!!

    So I want to say again thank you to all for taking the time to read and post your thoughts. I didn't take it down because apart from the encouragement given by so many generous comments, I feel this is the only way by which I can learn whether or not I'm cut out to be part of the Magpie Group.

  11. You could have been describing the clock our daughter inherited from her great grandparents. Made around 1770, it stands silent, but with so many stories locked up inside.

  12. curious and elegant tale, Bee,
    your style is unique.

  13. Oh, I thought I left a comment earlier, but maybe on FB. I love the bit about the ancient tall beech. I have a certain spiritual connection with trees, so that line reached out and grabbed me. Wonderful write, B.

  14. Yes Martin - if only clocks could speak..........

    Thank you Jingle - I didn't think that I'd be able to do this one

    Yes Willow on FB but I'm very pleased you made it here too - your connection to trees does not surprise me in the least! Thank you.

    Thank you kathew and Carrie - I appreciate your comments so much

    I appreciate every comment - thank you all.

  15. Greetings, How are you?
    It is a thrill to read your talent today...
    Jingle Poetry has magic, wonders, and miracles going on this week,
    Hope to see your contribution.
    Old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.
    We treasure your support !
    Hope to see you in.
    Have A Lovely Tuesday!
    Happy Thanksgiving, You Rock!


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