Friday, November 12, 2010

Silent Pain

Mag  40 



I sweep my mane upward  
As you place the jewels
Around my throat
Snapping the dull gold clasp
Tightly shut
Gentle lips
Merely brushing my neck
And moving
To the crook of my arm
Deep dark eyes are yours                                                    
Cold as the black pearls
Against my skin
Icy lips touching my body
No feeling
Only contempt
For me and what I have done
But refusing
To let me go in peace     

I think of you as the monkey
Moulded in a tarnished clasp
Holding me forever
In a loveless sadistic grip
Your cruelty
And punishment
Covered by a gift of pearls
Silent torture
Is this what I deserve?

Barbara M Lake  ©   
November 2010                  





  1. Oh so tragic
    break free of that noose, girl!

  2. a deep poem...poured out your frustration.
    Move on friend!

  3. This is good. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so deep and so in tune with my current mood.

  5. Ouch. Good poem, so full of pain. Hope it's not biographic.

  6. Thank you to each of you for your comments.

    It is not biographic but I do believe that it's how some women choose to live their lives. I will share with you part of a comment posted by a friend who is an author. Having read this as it automatically transferred to another site she said: ".levels upon levels we carve out our lives, especially as we grow older, weighing all the factors and settling for what we can survive with most comfortably."

    Thank you again.

  7. Beautiful post, well written. I've been in relationships like that! Hopefully it is past not present.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You're right kathew

    Thank you PeacefulP - glad to know the relationships are in the past.

  10. Definitely a toxic relationship best forgotten.

  11. Very emotional Bee. I noticed above that you indicate that it's not autobiographical. Glad to know that. But it does remind me that like many, I often imagine what a particular feeling may be like and write about it - much like a very abbreviated short story. This is a very heartfelt short story that I know many will identify with.

  12. Thank you MDF and Annie.

    I think identification is more than possible but actually when I wrote it, I wasn't thinking of it being set in this day and age. More late 1800s/early 1900s when it was virtually impossible for a woman to leave a man. I didn't make that clear. That was why I used the word 'mane' as opposed to hair and at one point the word tendril was in there somewhere!

    However one interprets it (and I certainly don't mind how) I'm just happy that people have come and read it. The period really doesn't matter as I know there are women who have experienced this. Some leave, some stay.

  13. Intriguing piece, to be sure! Nice!

  14. I actually sort of got it might be set in a different era but you know, there are still far too many women trapped,--trapped in the fear of being killed, or their families killed, should they leave. An ugly truth we don't want to face.

    Anyway, great poem, Bee. A splendid magpie indeed.

  15. I just read your comment above, and yes, I was thinking of exactly that era when women were socially locked in a relationship. And it still happens today.

  16. wow, this was fearful and sad. and excellently written!

  17. I can relate to this in parts. Memories of long ago. A well written, thought provoking piece for every one.

  18. Very dark and sad.
    Glad to know it's not a biopoem. :)

  19. Mmm and Willow - glad you were able to pick it up.

    Lena it's amazing how many can relate to parts of this - we never know what some people go through.

    Thank you Tumblewords and Caty.

    The more I read the comments Cosmos, the more I realize that it is dark and sad and could touch a nerve in some.


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