Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russian Winter

I have just finished reading 'Russian Winter'.  Daphne Kalotay's first novel is a page turner!

If you are interested in history, poetry, the ballet, music and a read that describes Stalinist aggression whilst interweaving past in Iron Curtain Russia with present day Boston, I recommend this exquisite read which is set against the perfection of ballet. A tale of passion, intrigue, hardship, love and fear with wonderful details including the behind-the-scenes activities in the Bolshoi and the rigidness of post war Soviet Russia.

When Nina Revskaya decides to put her stunning jewel collection into the hands of a Boston auction house, nothing can prepare her for the turn of events that will take her back to those days before defection.

Harper Collins. April 2010 

I actually have an Advance Readers Edition which was not for sale.  Strange to see books before they reach the final publishing.  How did I get it?  A local bookstore recently opened a branch in out area and with every purchase, a book of choice was given away.  This was not my first choice.
I had my eye on She- Wolves: the Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth by Helen Castor but a woman picked it up even though I remarked very loudly that it was only ONE book per purchase - she had four!! Not to say what her two sons had! So I ended up with this on my daughter's 'instruction'. After she read it she said it was a 'must' for me. She was right. Am an avid history reader.

If you find a copy  treat yourself  - I don't think you'll be disappointed!


  1. I adore all things Russian. I'm adding this to my list! Thanks, B.

  2. I thought you might Willow! Happy reading! I'd like to hear your opinion once read.

  3. I shall recommend this to my mother, as she has a thing about all matters Russian. Sounds like she'd go for it.

  4. I admire you..
    I love books, but fall way left behind in reading because I blog so much.

  5. hope to see you at our week 11 potluck tonight.
    we are open Sunday, American central time 8pm and remain open until Wednesday 8am.

    any poems are welcome,
    linking in early would be of most beneficial to have your work read and commented by fellow participants.


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