Friday, November 26, 2010

A Different Trophy

Mag 42

Possessions collections and winnings

Forever on show

Like the trophy wife  

Barbara M Lake
November 2010
Trinidad WI

Magpie Tales by courtesy of Willow


  1. So funny! The trophy wife... You wrote in 10 words what took me 2-3 pages? Awesome!

  2. Quite the clever analogy. I like it!

  3. this will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life now and I'll think of it every time I see a trophy in some old antique shop.

  4. I like this one. So short and sweet and yet it says so much

  5. Surely a trophy wife should have a trophy. :-)

  6. Ah yes, the trophy wife - well done in few words

  7. Simple, concise in its presentation, but so much deeper in meaning. Well done.

  8. Miss Nikki - thank you I must read yours - time has not been on my side....

    Helen, thank you for liking it

    Jhon - oh dear - for the right reasons I hope!

    Jacqui - there was a lot to say - glad you like it

    Berowne - a diamond??!! Laughing..........

    gospelwriter - thank you - there's not a great deal one can say about a trophy wife!

    Reflections - thank you to you - sometimes only a few words are needed but I yet to master that art

    thingy - thank you for your observation and kind words.

  9. indeed... short and sweet and packs a punch! well done.

  10. cute.
    simple words, powerful message.

  11. you said a lot in a few words....nicely done

  12. Again, this is such a noteworthy poem. Worthy of publishing, for sure! Well, you and Jacqui have inspired me to play, beginning for me with Mag 43 - and with a raging migraine, no less!!!!
    No fun, but it got me in the mood for a darker piece. HUGS

  13. Thank you everyone. You keep me encouraged.

    Catfish, you have no idea how pleased I am to see that you finally joined us.

  14. ah- so well done! and thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Cheers!


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