Saturday, November 6, 2010

From My Perch

Mag # 39   

Just when I thought things had settled down, once again they've rounded up all my birds!

And now here comes the truck. The truck onto which my beauties will be loaded.  I can see out of the corner of my eye that four have escaped and are trying to get back to me. Just look at them running amok - talk about headless chicken syndrome! 

Amid much squawking and clucking they're all finally on the truck, crammed together in those horrible wire cages. I can't look. I can hear the truck pulling out of the yard and as always, the noise is deafening.  But that will recede as the truck disappears into the distance.

I suppose the next time I see a red and white striped bucket with a white bearded, happy man decorating the side being delivered to the big house, it could contain a part of one of my chicks. Imagine that -  a past chick's leg and thigh or breast even, being served up in a bucket with sides of French fries, cole slaw and a biscuit.  She may even be hotter and  spicier than when she was with me!

So as I sit on my perch thinking about the next batch of young chicks that will soon join me in my coop I have to say that although such a varied love life sounds exciting, it does become tiresome after a while. After all, this old rooster ain't getting any younger.

I do wish I hadn't been hatched in Kentucky!

Barbara M Lake 2010


  1. What a good take on this week's prompt. Great Magpie!

  2. My, the Colonel has got a job to do and not just in Kentucky and as long as there are chickens. Great!

  3. aww...a lament for the rooster...smiles.

  4. Whoa. I can;t even remember the last time I saw an actual live chicken! LOL. Looks like you have your hands full there, dear Bee.

  5. and that's why we just eat our chickies eggs- clever take on the photo!

  6. The Colonel never enticed me to dine at his table ... enjoyed your Magpie.

  7. Poor fellow parting is such sweet sorrow!

  8. Very interesting take. From the rooster's point of view. Poor fellow.

  9. Thank you all for dropping in and reading the Rooster's thoughts!

    I steered away from condiments because a) Willow had already cornered the market on that one and b) because I don't like ketchup!! And, I don't like KFC which has numerous outlets here - I think the Colonel's doing very well in this country with so many franchises. You never see an empty restaurant!! Well hardly a restaurant - more a fast food diner!

  10. Throught the roosters eyes....great take on the prompt Bee! :-)

  11. Bee,
    Poor rooster; what a tough life, but I guess somebody's got to do it...Oh well.

    I've lived in Ky.. And I've raised chickens but I still have the same chick. ;)

  12. Great magpie . . from the bird's eye view!

  13. You know, when my youngest son was four, we were all at the table with a bucket of KFC.

    "I hate that chicken guy."

    "Why, honey?"

    "Cause he's got such a big head and such a little body."

    He mistook the colonial's tie for a stick-figure torso.

  14. Thank you all for visiting and posting kind words - very encouraging. Means I will live to see another Magpie!!

    Laughing at rel and Willow.


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