Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Willow Manor Ball

I am very late for Willow's Ball and at the moment I cannot make up my mind which of the following to wear.


Or this?


Or this?


I really wanted the red one but the hostess is wearing red so it would be very 'non u' to turn up in the same colour!


  1. I like the black, and there aren't too many here in black.
    Just make sure to wear lots of make-up so you don't look pale.
    We're on a flight at the moment- wonderful view of the Manor from up here, though Silver Fox and his friend are not behaving.
    Hurry, we can't wait to see you!
    Who's your date??

  2. Oh, please do wear the red! So many of us chose red and I consider it to be very synchronicitous!!

  3. For those who saw me, you will know I went with the black.

    You didn't see my date? He was Alan Rickman but you may not have recognized him - he looks so different when he's playing Severus Snape!

  4. I didn't recognise him!
    But I must say, you were fabulous in the black dress- I'm glad you went with my choice!
    Glad you liked my shoes- they weren't very practical for dancing, but what the heck?
    Wasn't it a fantastic evening? I was delighted to meet you, hope we'll meet again sometime.

  5. That black one was very becoming on you. I saw you but was wondering who you were dancing with - Severus Snape was such a peculiar choice I thought. I hope you didn`t drink as much champagne as I did. I`m just not used to it, usually I drink only cidre.
    Wasn`t Mimi looking great? And so TALL in her heels. A fabulous night.

  6. I do love the black. May I have it in red? I do love the color of the red but the black has such divine lines. And I love the rustle of taffeta as one descends the stairs.

  7. Yes Jacqui, it will suit you so you can have it in red. But we won't let anyone else have it. There is something so elegant about that dress and you're right, the rustle makes it even more 'want to wear it'! What an entrance!

  8. the black looked charming on you.


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