Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The First Anniversary

A July evening forty two years ago
My life is about to change
You stand before me hand extended
I place mine in yours
And so we have met
A soft Irish brogue charming and gentle
Eyes so dark as they penetrate mine
I withdraw my hand but I know
That we will touch again
So much more intimately

Six months later I am twenty
You older by almost a score plus ten
I know you know which road we’ll take
It is only a matter of time
Age is of no concern
Love knows no bounds
We are one
In heart mind body and soul

We live we love we brave the storms
Tempests jealousies joys and sorrows
Tumultuous affair but inseparable
A fine line between love and hate
I want you need you
But sometimes cannot bear to see you
Through it all you sing The Wonder of You
Yes we are one
In heart mind body and soul

You promise nothing but your undying love
I want more but do I? Hidden devotion is not enough
But now the secret is no more
I give you all confidante friend and lover
You send me letters roses by the dozen
Your love shines through every smile and gesture
Beyond caring you give the game away
Our love no longer the worst kept secret
Because we are indestructible
In heart mind body and soul

Eight years on I smile through tears
Hold your hand and leave
With words I’ve said for the many years
No matter where I go or what I say
No matter who I am with
I will love you forever
Because we are one
In heart mind body and soul

Ten years later the pain has eased
You stand before me arms extended
I am taken back to another time
Of abandonment love passion hatred
You hold my son my husband’s son
Telling me of the mistake you made
In letting me go
I mask the tears
And I know we are still one
In heart mind body and soul

Twenty three years have passed
Once more you stand before me
Your eyes lock mine as once they had
Comfort as you hold me in your arms
I try to deny but I cannot
Because we still are one
In heart mind body and soul

You come to me in a dream I am very afraid
Three days later the impersonal message
You have gone forever
Thousands of miles separated us
And now millions more
There were no goodbyes but I know
That you are here with me
I am enveloped in your presence
Because I know we are one
In heart mind body and soul

BML © 2008


  1. Beautiful, beautiful tribute. It brought tears to my eyes, Bee. Especially poignant since my daughter just ended a five year relationship with someone the exact number of years older. I know she will always love him, heart, mind, body and soul.

    My thoughts are with you today.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes as well. So sad. Such heartache. All the best to you today, Bee.

  3. Thank you both very much. I don't see myself as a poet at all but occasionally I have an urge to put something onto paper and this was written last year when I got the news.

    I feel for your daughter Willow, because she will always love him but sometimes even though we know this is 'the love of my life' we also know deep, deep down it cannot be. She will find happiness with someone else but the bond with the other will never be entirely broken.

    Yes Bekkieann, such heartache but we do survive, go onto to live our lives in perhaps what is already mapped out for us.

  4. Whoa, this is soo moving. I find myself being choked up. I get what you are saying here behind the lines too.

    Sorry for your loss now too.

  5. it's time to come out of the closet and admit that YOU ARE IN FACT A POET MISS BEE!!!

  6. A beautiful poem !! People are brought into our lives and taken away for some purpose, I'm sure one of those is for us to learn something about ourselves and relationships on a whole. Thanks for coming through Toast and Jam... hope to see you again very soon and especially at Toast's Christmas Tea! I have got to get back into blogging... there are so many wonderful people all over the world.

  7. Like the music Bee!
    The Bach


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