Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talk About a Wreck!

I have been away for a while because work wise I'm terribly busy and also caught up in the charity The Jericho Project.  I am totally bogged down at work and maybe because I've only had a week's holiday for the year instead of the four I'm entitled to, am not up to par.

The last few weeks have been tiring and trying.

No car for two weeks.  The damage was much worse than first thought but at last we are back on the road together. The bill is astronomical but worth it because apparently something of which could have failed at any moment, would more than likely have seen me pushing up daisies had I been driving.  Something to do with an important part of the steering wheel - I did not ask!

My daughter who wanted to take a year off off to work before taking her Legal Practioner's Certificate  is over qualified for every job she has applied for  - they all just want a work horse and are not prepared to pay.

I was recently informed by our newly formed HR department that I have to retire at the end of the year.  Went into total meltdown as that was not part of my plan. revived a bit when they said that I would be put on contract as opposed to 'a letter of employment'. Am still awaiting outcome and the Valium bottle needs refilling! Reminder to self: wine cellar also needs refilling!

Co-driver son and driver, in the final Trinidad  Rally of the Year, travelling at close to 200 mph hit a bump in the road and ended upside down in a river after overturning and dropping nine feet into a ravine. That was scary as water was rising and  neither could open their door. Son ended up smashing the window with his helmet after the hammer would not shatter it. Added problem: the car behind them slid down the ravine and hit them from behind whilst the driver was still in the car. It could have been worse in that it could have ended up on top of the car. Brilliant piece of news is that with nerves of steel, neither driver nor son panicked.  You can see my son standing, still with navigation notes in hand on the bank.  They made the tv news - whilst winners were being talked about, footage of the mishap was being shown.  That's one way of making the news but I'd have preferred footage of them receiving prizes!

Yesterday attended an excellent and compulsory programme for all those working in the Archdiocese - the VIRTUS Programme which you can find on line.  In a nutshell it's to do with recognizing child molesters and paedophiles - depressing and sad but something that anyone working with with children and anyone else at risk eg the elderly, should see and become part of.

That was followed by a visit to the dentist who is in the same area as where the Seminar was taking place.  So after 8 months of on and off hell, many self administered treatments, I decided enough was enough, was enough, called the dentist on my way to the Seminar and told him that I would be in at 1pm for an extraction.  When he saw me he said I am his favourite patient who is forever youthful and I retorted that it would be better all round if he did feed me bullshit!  He did ask me not to treat him as my lawyer and when I asked why he said 'because you only come to me when you're in trouble'.  Makes sense!   So am minus a tooth and now feeling no pain. Thank you God!

On the positive side, husband's blood tests show no deterioration of the kidneys over the last two years - prayers answered.

More negatives and not a great deal of positives but then again, life's what you make it and at at the moment I'm adding salt and tequila to the lemons!!


  1. Pour one for me! After reading all you have been through I need one Bee.

    Wow your son is lucky - did he buy a lottery ticket that night?

  2. Jeeze, Bee. When life serves you lemons, you sure know how to make a good lemonade. Crazed as this all is/was, I was smiling at the end of it. Your dentist/lawyer pulled a laugh out of me too.

  3. Golly, Bee . . you haven't had to go out looking for troubles, have you? Yet you manage to write about it so dispassionately, even with humour.

    All good wishes.

  4. Thank you Jane, Annie and Doc for stopping by taking the time to read.

    If one cannot inject some humour into every day life, we may as well give up!


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