Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ushers Wanted!

On the 16 February I posted a blog, 'A Dire Prophecy?' on Blogger and then exported it to Multiply!  It was about a predicted earthquake by a man no one has heard of. No problems on Multiply but on Blogger!?? Phew! Lord preserve me from illiterates, idiots and religious fanatics!

My blog coincided with a visit to Trinidad by the false prophet Benny Hinn.  I happened to give him a four line paragraph at the end of the post. That, together with his prediction of the earthquake hitting Trinidad at 6.00am today and my post wherein I quoted a so-called prophet predicting an earthquake of major proportion here in 2011, has caused havoc on my Blogger site with two thousand plus hits over the last 24 hours!

Come and read it by all means but before commenting make sure you have read it properly!  I did not make the prediction - I merely wrote about it and tied in a little history of earthquakes in Trinidad and said that given location, seismic research etc.., it stands to reason that we may have 'the big one' at any time.  Last year alone we had over one hundred and this month we have had two. the last measuring 5.2 on the Richter Scale.

I did a little research and found that if one types in 'earthquake Trinidad 2011' up pop my blogs! And, some 'bright sparks' have now taken my address and linked it into two Trinidadian websites. Result:  a couple of thousand views and in true Trini style, total commotion with a few comments some of which I have had to delete! The religious fanatics are onto me! They have tried to turn my post into a religious debate and left comments such as 'repent', 'turn to Jesus', 'do you believe in the Bible?' and asked other personal, intrusive  questions.   I will now go to my settings and ensure that no one can find my blog through any search engines!

But, in the meantime now that the secret is out I'm off to set up my white tent, 2,000 chairs, music ministry and sound system.  Prophecies start at 9.00pm sharp.  Bring money! Plenty of money! Ushers wanted!

Eat your heart out Benny Hinn! I have arrived!


  1. Wow. I just went back to see the comments on that post. Just wow.

    Hey, Make lemonade from lemons! Terrific idea.

    I guess you'd prefer Euros or dollars, though.

  2. This is TOO funny. WT and I were just talking about your last post and Benny Hinn.

    (I got thousands of hits last week when Uncle Leo Seinfeld died. I had written a post a few years ago about Elaine drawing on his eyebrows. Amazing where Google directs the masses.)

  3. Very funny, though certainly irritating. A prophet of doom? Apparently your admirers and detractors believe that you are; so go with it, how about a cruise devoted just to you and your prophecies...that's what some of the right-wing rabble rousers do.

  4. so many positions ... I just don't know what I should apply for:
    - Choir Director
    - Event Co-ordinator
    - General Busy-body
    - Accountant

    Lemme know where I should send my extensively revised resume!!!

  5. Wow! You're so famous now. Can I sell ice-cream at the interval?

  6. Don't worry - there's room for all my friends - choir, ushers, ice cream vendors etc.....

    Anyone remember Elmer Gantry??

    (Needless to say the hits have dropped!!)


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