Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Dire Prophecy?

For years now I've been hearing how God is a Trini and because of this, together with the fact that Trinidad and Tobago is a land of praying people, the nation will never suffer a major earthquake.  I have experienced several earthquakes since I came to these shores in 1992 but none was ever enough to get upset about.  Yes I've seen the chandeliers swinging,  computers working their way off desks, choppy waters in the swimming pool, pictures moving and a couple of things falling of shelves.  I have even been 'down d islands' as they say here and been woken at daybreak by a very loud rumbling noise and been known to ask my husband 'why is there a train running through the house (we were on a tiny island in the middle of the sea for God's sakes!)  only to be told it was an earthquake.  None of this has ever phased me and certainly never been enough to frighten me to death.

But I think all that is about to change.   Regardless of what 'Trinis' say, the reality is that we are being warned by the Seismic Centre and the Office of Disaster Preparedness (that in itself is a joke as it's not prepared for anything let alone an earthquake of grand proportions) that this could be the year when we see an absolute disaster.  Not awfully encouraging really for a small island with a population of 1.3 million, a great deal of reclaimed land and buildings that were not built to withstand earthquake and hurricane!

Our sister isle Tobago is on the Caribbean Plate and Trinidad on the boundary between the South American and Caribbean plates.  The trench between the two island is not the only plate boundary.  The boundary is also on the Northern Range (mountains) and the fault line extends from there across to northern  Venezuela onto Colombia and then to the Andean MountainsMost earthquakes that occur in this region normally happen a couple of kilometres North of Trinidad and several kilometres down in the sea. But that's not to say there could not be something closer and the Seismic Office is saying that it's only a matter of time.

So this morning I was not amused when I opened an e mail which told me that one Dr Leslie Roberts has made a prediction regarding the future 'health' of Trinidad and if one is to believe him, things are not looking good for us here on this tropical island.  I immediately Googled said prophet only to find that his Prophecy website is closed to all unless one registers. Sod that!

This is what he supposedly predicted for the small island on which I live whilst he was here last year:

November 18 at 9:05pm
There's a POWERFUL prophet in our country named Dr. Leslie Rogers...he's one of the most renowned and accurate prophets. He held an annual prophetic conference to which I went to the Friday that Rick gave his testimony in the Reinzi Complex, it was HUGE. All of his prophecies he has ever gave came to past. And he has the track record and testimonies from others to prove it. Predictions about disasters, government...not only in our country but in other countries as well, he made and they ALL came to past (he has them on tape from when he made them too so he also got the evidence.)

Anyway, he made a prophecy about Trinidad . Hurricanes and earthquakes were always targeted by Trinidad (which is true) but he said that God has been merciful and long-suffering with us and He keeps sparing our land.

But Trinidad in the year 2011 will be hit by an earthquake...even WORSE than Haiti . Many will PERISH. This earthquake will happen North, South and West of this country (amazingly it's where all the major clubs and crimes are). He said that only Trinidad will be hit, not Tobago and it will occur early in the morning before 6:00AM. Signs will occur he said, Barbados and Grenada will begin to show signs of tremors, fishermen will begin to come from the seas and talk about how the fishes are acting weird and strange (According to the book of Job animals and fishes can predict these impending disasters and proof of this is that they begin to act weird). Also, its INEVITABLE. This is not demonic but divine. God is sending judgment to the land and especially to the church. He included also that there are wicked people in the church and God is fed up of them.

He placed his entire reputation on the line (as usual) with this prophetic word. And there is no doubt in my heart that this will happen. Stuff that I have never seen before in my country, I see them happening now and its so disturbing. No wonder God is going to do this. 

Interestingly enough he doesn't say which church. Trinidad is predominantly Roman Catholic closely followed by Hinduism and Islam.  Then there are the Anglicans, Presbyterians, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Shouters Baptists and various 'small churches'.

I don't think I want to end up in a place looking like the picture below (Haiti after the earthquake) although there are some areas in this country that already look very similar due to government neglect.

One of the small churches is bringing Benny Hinn into Trinidad later this week.  I wonder what he will have to say on the matter when he's finished pushing people to the floor!  Last time he was here he said of the then Prime Minister that he was a 'very stupid man'.  We didn't need a 'prophet' to tell us that!!!



  1. Well, of course, those religious scams are as old as mankind. And plenty of people fall for them. As a non-believer myself, I would look to science and not the religious folk to warn us about possible disasters. Unfortunately, when it comes to earthquakes, they can only tell us if we live in a vulnerable zone, and sometimes tell us, for example, that we can expect "the big one" sometime in the next hundred years (which is what we are told, living here along the Wasatch Fault).

  2. Makes me sad when people use god that way.

    I'm not a believer myself, either. Anyone can do a bit of reading and take an educated guess about vulnerable areas.

    Does this prophet say if you send him money, he might be able to change nature's course? Ick.

  3. My father used to always say the only thing wrong with the word of God is how man interpreted it.

    I think the key here given all the fault lines you live on is to be as prepared as possible. Emergency kits in cars and apartment and office. Knowing all the escape routes and evacuation plans. And a plan for where to meet back up with family if something dire does happen.

    In this modern age we think onstar or our telephones are going to solve all our problems but in truth sometimes they become the problems because we rely on them blindly. Even relief following Katrina was muddled because of no cell towers. Duh?

    And shit happens no matter where you live. Stay alert and be prepared as much has humanly possible.

    BTW didn't God, after the flood, promise to not do that again?

  4. Jacqui has it right- be prepared regardless of what some "prophets" might say. I live here in the Pacific Northwest and we all know that at some point we will have an earthquake and if we aren't prepared to subsist on our own for at least a week- and be willing to help our neighbors ....well shame on us.
    Meanwhile one cannot live in fear of what may happen- that's not living.

  5. Benny Hinn? That says it all. I'm sure you are prepared for the worst, regardless. Natural disasters can happen anywhere.

  6. Thanks ladies for taking the time to read. I am nor scared you know - it is what it is and if it happens which it probably will (not because this man says so!) we will either live or we will die - simple as that!

    One can be prepared as a family unit but there is actually nowhere anyone can evacuate to in the event of an impending disaster. This is an island and the the nearest mainland is Venezuela. Who on earth in their right mind would want to go there added to which they wouldn't let us in?? There are areas which one knows would be completely devastated.

    If I have a fear at all it is the strong possibility of a tsunami following an earthquake out at sea. There are numerous areas along the coastline where the wealth of Trinidad have built their villas and mansions - those would go - as would half of the capital which is built on reclaimed land. in addition, a major shanty town where thousands live, lies in the hills of the Northern Range and in the event of a major earthquake, they would be no more.

    I'm a believer in God and not false prophets. Yes I do believe that we are in for one at some point - maybe not in my life time but if it does happen and we manage to survive we will deal with it!

    Benny Hinn?? lol - last time he was here I drove past the Savannah where he had his palatial tent. There were thousands of cars parked and the one thing that made me smile was all the Catholics who attended his three night Crusade. How did I know??? You see, all those Rosaries hanging from rear view mirrors gave it away!!

  7. Without a doubt, I am a sceptic. There is 2012 looming with prophecies aplenty. One in every pick em and do the math. I only can believe in myself to be aware. Whatever soothes you during these trying times is a blessing, be it science, sooth sayers, and professional scare mongers. Take care and be more observant. RD

  8. Bee--
    I've been meaning to comment on this entry, and you popped up in my comment box. I think the universe likes our friendship :D

    Benny Hinn worries me. In fact, most of his Crusade-types worry me. Actually what worries me is that people listen to them as though they were the Second Coming--without any rationality, let alone skepticism.

    Still, I suppose if it's what the people need to make them feel slightly more secure about their situation, that's their thing. And I wouldn't knowingly take away anyone's security.

    I'll be adding Trini to my prayer and concern list, though.


  9. RD, I don't believe that the Mayan Prophecy will come to pass as in the end of the world. I think there's always the possibility though of a change of some sort - the end of a particular era perhaps? What is presently happening in North Africa and the Middle East is definitely testimony to that.

    Benny Hinn bothers me in the way he uses God to build his own empire. It's all about money. If indeed God is using him as an instrument to bring people to faith then I believe this man has forgotten that he is merely a channel and that any power is not his. And if that is the case God will deal with him. I work with people who are in Prayer Ministry and I have to remind some of them constantly that this isn't about them and that they are instruments of the Holy Spirit. Benny Hinn is all about Benny Hinn! Problem is people who are looking for something more in the lives tend to cling onto the likes of this man without looking at theology or simply going to a 'normal' church. Here endeth the lesson for today!!

    Prayers for this nation as for most countries in the world are always welcome. many underestimate the power of prayer!

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  11. Hey there got this email myself and was doing some research into the "prophet". Thought it a bit strange that I was not able to find any info about "one of the most renowned and accurate prophets" around. Can you post a link to the website you found? Thanks.

  12. i am so taken by this i strongly want to believe in this for some strange reason i'm also totally scared out of my mind. but what i want to know is does anyone have proof that any of his (Dr.Lesli) prophecies before this one has actually come to pass

  13. Mikhail, and crdlnd - thank you for stopping by.

    There is a problem!! When isn't there when there's a so-called prophet involved?? You will note that I said in my bog 'so called! I have been to your post Mikhail and I see the source is "Bee's Blog". I have no problem with that but I would like you to make it clear that what I quoted there, is part of a blog. That way no one will think that I made the prediction or believe in the prediction.

    As you will note from my blog I did say that I googled him and came up virtually blank. I did find a website but it's either under construction or is a sham to collect information. I registered but even after that I could not get anything except a dove flying over a bell tower!!!!

    The only other thing I can find is from the Jamaica Gleaner which goes back to 2000. It reads:

    "Sat 3 June 2000
    Jamaica Gleaner
    However, the 14th annual prophetic conference at the Word of Life Outreach Ministries International (WOLMI) held recently at the Hilton Kingston Hotel saw the gathering of more than 21 young, vibrant prophets and prophetesses from, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman and the United States who were dressed in sharp suits, and carried no staffs.
    Founder of (WOLMI) Dr. Phillip Phinn explained that the prophetic ministry has been in existence in Jamaica since the 70s, however, it was on a more personal scale. Now he believes Jamaica's social and economic context demands the direction of God and the prophetic ministry to effect change in the nation.

    Also in attendance were several noted business leaders and political figures on the invitation of the WOLMI, who all received prophecies from Rev. Phinn and Rev. Dr. Leslie Rogers of Trinidad."

    I also found that he has preached in St Croix.

    It is very hard to find any sort of 'proof' that this person is who they say he is. Personally I don't need a 'prophet' of any sort to tell me that Trinidad is in for the 'big one'. I think given location, seismic information and common sense. it stands to reason that we could have an earthquake of major proportions at any time. Last August we had an earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale without any damage.

    There have been earthquakes here registering over 7.0. The largest was 7.9 in 1766 although I'm not sure how they would have recorded that. It did destroy the then capital (San Jose - St Joseph) and that's when the capital was moved to Port of Spain.

    So yes there is a possibility that we could have an earthquake. If you research the UWI Seismic site you will see that we have actually had many more earthquakes over the last 10 years than we realize.

    My concern is that in the event of a disaster, we do not have things in place to deal with a catastrophe. We don't have a decent ambulance service as it is - probably less than a hundred in working condition and I do not believe that the ODP is anywhere near ready to deal with a disaster.

    We cannot sit and worry about what might or what might not happen. You could be killed crossing the road or be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a bandit strikes. That's the reality. There are many countries/states that sit on plates and all are at risk - look at what happened in New Zealand two days ago.

    My advice for what it's worth? Find out how you can protect yourself in the case of a disaster, take all necessary precautions i.e. torches, batteries and other necessities, find our where your nearest cluster point is etc... etc, and if you're a praying person, then pray.

    Life goes on and there - I have just written another blog!!

  14. thank you for your reply and i will take your advice, yes i am a praying person and will continue to pray...........and i agree i don't think that my country is ready to deal with a disaster, i hope they as well can see this and try to do something about it before it's too late

  15. I see that this post is being viewed from various sites including trinituner and islandmix.

    I have no problem with it being viewed from elsewhere but please bear in mind if you are reading it or linking it, that I wrote a blog which was headed by a question. I did not make the so called prophecy nor did I say that I believe the so called prophecy.

  16. I have no idea Nicquisha - I didn't predict it!!

    Perhaps you ought to read the blog and the comments - because I did some research and wrote the blog, doesn't mean I believe it's going to happen.

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  18. I am Catholic but not Roman Catholic.
    I have some questions:
    Do you believe there is such a thing as truth?
    Do you believe the Bible is true?
    Do you believe Jesus really lived?
    Do you believe he is the Son of God?
    Do you believe God is real?

    Kerwin Benacia

  19. Kerwin, I don't quite understand why you would turn my blog into religious debate. All I am prepared to say is that I am a practicing Roman Catholic and if you are a Catholic that should tell you everything you need to know. Also if you read what else I wrote you would not have needed to ask those questions.

    Have a blessed day.

  20. Bee...I was doing some research online and the very same "prophecy" was chain-emailed last year and predicted for 6am in February 2010. Clearly the email/bbm was a copy & paste chail email. And clearly people can't read...cause they haven't read your blog properly & are fireing questions that have nothing to do with your blog.

    I do think that one day Trinidad may be hit with a Natural diaster that it will never be prepared for....however, as for when it will be....obviously no-one can predict it! As much as the Seismic board can detect activity...they can't say when or how it will hit. And if an earthquake does hit between today & Saturday will purely be by coincidence.

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  22. Guess what folks! I found the Doctor! I was driving down the highway on Sunday and there was a huge billboard sporting his face and contact numbers. He lives in my area!

    World renowned prophet???? I see a month on we are all still here then. Pity the same can't be said of Japan.

  23. For everyone who believe or don't believe in the prophecy that was passed to Dr. lesile rogers, i think you may need to visit his church. but ppl don't take his prophectic words that easy. Since i have been listening to him and i also started to go to his church where i feel very comfortable. His words are true. Judge no one. God sends his messages through prophets so that they can warn the ppl. All who said he did this and that, so what if he did. He is also human and can repent of his sins and be lifted up mightier that ever. Come on ppl instead of judging someone. Pray and ask god to show you the right thing. Prepare yourself for the lord and stop these foolish goosip

  24. I don't think that I may need to visit his church at all. I am happy and comfortable in my own church. I have friends who have visited Dr Roger's church - friends from my own church. They don't necessarily believe his prophecies but they do find great comfort and truth in what he says in other areas and I have no problem with that at all. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for someone else.

    It is not my right to judge so I don't - I merely voice opinions and I think that most of us who call ourselves Christians are a praying people who know that God is at some point, going to return. He said so. One should always be prepared - in the event that He decides to call you before He actually comes. I don't see 'gossip' here - I see discussion
    and debate.

    Thank you anonymous for stopping by and thank you for not leaving the type of comment which would have had to have been deleted.

  25. Hey Bee, this issue is among the top visited posting on my blog. But I am so fed up with it. Do you know I still get hits to that post EVERY DAY. I wish that if these people want to have a web presence that THEY put together a blog of their own.. or activate their website.
    God Bless.

  26. Yes Sean I know because because I get daily hits all these months later!!


  27. i think some people should stop judging and visit pmi because it is a great church that heal my pain in life he is a real prophet he helps people from different aspects of life. so stop the judge

  28. There is something "queer" about those words. How can "church" heal pain anybody else's life? Only God does that hun!!!@Anonymous

  29. @ Anonymous: no one is judging - merely debating. And I am sure had you gone to another 'church' you would have been healed too. As Funtasia Bloom said, only God heals and he uses people as channels through which to to His work. I am in Healing Ministry and I know that it's not me or my church that heals when I pray with people. I am merely the instrument that God uses and if He sees fit to heal, He will. The day that we mortals forget that we are not the ones in charge, then all disaster breaks loose.

    And as an aside, in Catholicism it is we the people who are the 'church'. Not the Vatican, not the parish, not the priest. "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church." He meant people - not buildings.

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