Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a House

MAG 52

Photograph  courtesy of Tess Kincaid, Magpie Tales

A green and yellow house
Standing so alone
No imprints on the snowy  steps
Nobody’s at home

Windows shuttered,  curtains drawn
No sign of life at all
It looks so cold and empty
Forgotten and forlorn

No sounds of a normal home
No laughter from within
Just echoes of total silence
Behind a  bolted door

To the side a  chimney stack
But no curling wispy smoke
Or any other  tell tale sign
Of any warmth inside 

An old lonely abandoned house
One has to wonder why
Is it that it’s for sale
Or did someone die?

When Jack Frost has finally gone
And spring comes once again
A flight departs from warmer climes
And brings its owners home!

Barbara M Lake
February 2011
Trinidad, WI


  1. Bee,
    There's nothing lonlier than an empty house.

  2. Ohhh... I feel for this house... I wonder what its story is... (sigh)
    And I certainly hope that Spring breathes some life into it...

    What a lovely read, B.. Sad, but ending with a glint of hope...

  3. Ah, the tale of the snowbirds!

  4. a mix of words that sounds just right

  5. Glad to hear the nest isn't forever empty! Nice piece!

  6. Nice twist at the end! They need a house-sitter, don't they?

  7. It is a nice twist at the end . . . but (and I'm sorry to say this) - I think your last stanza blows away the beautiful melancholy mood you worked so well to create in the first stanzas of the poem.

  8. Oh, but the last stanza is hope. Maybe just the hope of a lonely house.

  9. Oh, interesting. I can see an elderly couple taking off for warmer climes.

    Yeah, I liked the end, too. Hopeful, waiting home.

  10. Aaaaahh! Glad to know that spring brings life back to him! I'd love to spend time alone there, away from the boys.....just me, housey and his chimney!!

  11. Nice positie ending! Love the cadence in your poem.

  12. lovely! alone... only for a moment in time... beautiful poem.

  13. a deserted home, haunting.

    well penned magpie.
    Happy Sunday!

  14. Looks like the sort of house I'd like to buy and fill with books. Lovely words and so glad that there's a positive ending!

  15. Now I'm curious what it's like in the summer. Lovely images of a deserted home. I especially liked the 4th stanza. I could feel the cold and emptiness inside.

  16. What a great piece on this prompt. The house seems so cold and I feel the feelings you expressed here. Well done!

  17. Your words are crisp and this piece flows well. Lovely poem!

  18. I enjoyed this very much, a great one to read aloud (I did!):-)

  19. Thank you all so much for coming to see me.

    Rel you're right - a lonely house is just that - a house

    kavisionz - there is always hope

    Ah yes Helen......

    I hoped to get it right Lissa

    tumblewords - I really couldn't leave it empty as it's such a nice looking house

    Dr I wanted the twist at the end but I do see your point - thanks for your contribution - always open to suggestion

    Jacqui - always hope but see above

    Yes thingy that's what I wanted you to see

    Sounds like a plan Lena!

    Strummed words - glad you liked it - I wanted the positive ending

    girldaydreaming you give me hope!

    Jingle I wanted to create an atmosphere of desolation

    Madame - me too - books and music - lots of nooks and lots of music

    mamacheetah - I'm glad you caught the coldness

    Judy - you're an ace

    Suko you too give me hope!

    Really Susannah? Wow that's brave of you! Nice to know that you enjoyed it

    Again, thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

  20. You express so well the thoughts that go through people's minds with the houses that we pass.

  21. Thank you Paul - nice to see you here

  22. Greetings, how are you?
    Write a free verse 4 Poets Rally, enjoy poetic friends, you are invited!

    Hope to see you in,

    Love your poetry talent and looking forward a profound experience with your input.



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