Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Going to Willow's Third Annual Ball

Quickly, quickly! I need help.   I am able to make it to Willow's Ball after all but I can't decide which ball gown to wear.

Willow throws such fabulous parties and for a moment there, I didn't think I was going to be able to make it.  But Gary Oldman talked me into taking a  break for a few hours so I'm slipping away. He's arranged the jet and it's on the tarmac, engines revving.  The limousine's outside so I'll just throw in three dresses and decide when I get there.

But if anyone does stop by, leave your comment on which dress to wear.

I'm only taking one pair of Jimmy Choo shoes as they will go with which ever dress ends up on my body.

I decided to stay away from black this year.


 or this one?

Can't wait - Willow, Willow here we come!


  1. Oh,yay!! I was hoping you'd be able to make it! I believe Mr. Oldman could coax me into just about anything. Which dress? I cast my vote for dress number three.

  2. Oh, oh, oh ... it must be blue dress, it's dreamy, glamorous and YOU!

  3. the red. definitely the red. see you at the ball!

  4. I really was going to wear the top one which actually cost more than the other two put together but general opinion was for the blue so as you can see, I went for that. I didn't really want the red and silver because to tell the truth, it's not me and I knew it wouldn't be that one. I am still here and found a lap top in the library so thought I'd drop a note. Going back to Gary now before that gorgeous looking blue-eyed blonde whoever she is, gets her claws in and he leaves me stranded!

  5. Ah, yes!
    You are just toooooo elegant in the blue.
    The diamond shoulder clip is the most wonderful touch!
    I've been watching Gary and the blonde,,,keeping my eyes open,,,she had Harry drooling earlier.
    (and the worst face lift I've ever seen)

  6. gosh that bottomblue one adn the top one are so sexy. I see you looked divine. so glad you made it and thank you for that dance too. Good to catch up with you dear Bee. now, I must dash-Ms. Boyle is trying her hand at bagpipes --she really should stick to her strong point--singing!

  7. I'm choosing the RED! See you there!

  8. I have to say that all three look fabulous and I do like the red one but blue is my favourite colour so I'm pleased you decided on that! So sorry we didn't meet until late in the evening and I'm glad that you were able to keep Gary in check!

  9. Glad that you chose the looked fabulous! monk was super on keyboard but between you and me he's not up to much on the dance floor. Still smarting over the Joyce refusal!

  10. Your gown was exquisite last evening.... you looked stunning !! :) The Bach


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