Friday, October 1, 2010

What Would Yo Do?

Everyone should see this.


  1. She lives in Texas!

    No doubt this happens in a narrow minded segment of our society but the United States is a huge and very diverse country.

    I live in a very multicultural area with American Indian, American Hispanics, Black Americans, and even illegal aliens from Mexico. I have never seen this sort of behavior as in this news clip

  2. I know what you're going to say when I tell you that I made a statement on Multiply to the effect that it was interesting to see where the ABC 'set up' took place and that that alone told me everything I needed to know!

    I should have remembered to take note of the blog I wrote recently, "Silly Me, What Do I Know?"

    One person really did take offence - so much so that I felt I had to apologize for the generalization. However, a few came to my rescue!

  3. I was happy to see that on the whole people were good at heart. But the clip began so negatively that I almost did not watch the whole thing.

    I hate generalizations of the citizens of the United States based on the worse parts of this country and the lowest level of intelligence. But unfortunately it is those that make the news because they scream the loudest.

    I was dating a person outside my my religion at one time at university. My dad counseled me about it and said it certainly was not a problem with our diverse family but it might be with his. And in the 60's it could be with society depending on where we chose to live.

    Bottom line it would be okay if we both became college professors. I would say that the Muslim woman in this story should be more selective about where she lives. It can make all the difference. When I divorced this time I knew I could not live in Questa. The Hispanic population saw single women as fair game and witches.

  4. Interesting observations Jacqui. But you know me - rather be called witch than fair game any day!


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