Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our House: A Mission

One day last week my husband had to go to town. He decided to go on the bus so even though I was supposed to start my two days off (ended up as one and a half - well one and a third!) I agreed to drop him off at the bus terminal at 6.00am. It was actually 5.45am when we left the apartment.

Thereby started a series of text messages:

6.27am text from husband: boarded a new bus at 6.15 now passing sissons
6.29am text to husband: very good
8.26am text from husband: mission completed on my way to chag
8.27am text to husband: very good
8.29am text to husband: how far from chaguanas?
8.30am text from husband: bus terminal
8.31am text to husband: town?
8.32am text from husband yes
8.33am text to husband text me when you reach and will pick up

If my husband lost his phone or I lost mine and someone found them and then read the messages they may well think that there was either a secret mission going on or I was collecting a 'drop'! In this part of the world anything is possible!!

The reason for the mission??

To collect his electronic birth certificate from the Ministry of Legal Affairs!!!!

Barbara M Lake



  1. What did we do when we could not stay in such constant communication?

    My sister and I are reminded of this every time we take the jeep off road and we lose contact with the cell tower.

    On my recent trip to San Fidel several of my scrabble friends on FB wanted me to get a Blackberry so I could continue the games we had going. I informed them no cell phone and ergo no wifi and ergo no black berry and ergo no scrabble.

    Hey, life is rough here. Nice you live in a civilized country were you are never out of touch with your spy network.


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