Monday, October 25, 2010

Trinidad Final Rally of the Year

Last Saturday saw the final Rally for the year in Trinidad and Tobago.  My heart is forever in my mouth as Rallying is fast and my son is the co driver/navigator on the two man team.

Driver and navigator as a team are this year's 'rookies' and have given the long timers a run for their money.  Since starting a few months ago they have rallied with internationals in Barbados, Tobago and here in Trinidad.  The first time they rallied, it was an international and they placed third in their category and seventh overall from 40 plus entrants.

The final saw them placing third in their category and fourth overall for the year.  There is a slight dispute as the reigning local champion and showman should have been penalized as he broke a rule which normally carries disqualification but that seems to have been overlooked!

This team has resigned itself, unfair though it is, to the fact.

Next year, next year!


  1. Mixed emotions for a mum no doubt!

  2. My son has done this too, Bee. Now he flies private learjets for a living. We mothers just have to pray a lot and thank God for such colourful, adventurous sons. When I feel most distressed, I remember how sad they'd be if they couldn't follow their dreams and do these things that put Mum's heart in her mouth. :)

  3. Yes Dave - you're absolutely right!

    Shers, we have to let go. We've been through Karting, Off Road Biking - you name it, we've done it! At least I can go to the Rallies if I want to even though sometimes I might stay in the pit and hear the running commentary from the crew. As a mother you don't get to sit in the co pilot's seat of the learjets telling him how to fly it!!

  4. We mums certainly feel miffed if there's a hint of cheating effecting the offspring..! That's us!

    ps.......loved the Halloween Obama post!

  5. Good luck to your son, Bee! Isn't that a bit nerve wracking for you to watch?

  6. Absolutely Lena!

    Yes Mmm..............sometimes I just sit in the pit and rely on the crew's running commentary!


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