Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pope Visits Britain

Something else to ponder as opposed to burning of religious books, whether or not the burkah should be banned, whether or not a Muslim Recreation Centre (it's not a mosque!) should be built near Ground Zero:

POPE'S UK VISIT: Benedict defends Christmas and warns religion must not be sidelined in Parliament http://
Sep 18, '10 2:18 PM
by Bee for everyone


  1. Hey, how are you going? I hope to make your day a little more happier by passing on an award to you. Find it on my page.

  2. Thank you so much darling girl. I am so surprised and delighted. so now I really will have to get myself into gear and get down to some serious blogging again! The Muse seems to have gone walkabouts and left me hanging..............


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