Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trinidad Under Water

It another one of those days yesterday.

Two hours of torrential rain and the capital of Trinidad and Tobago as well as other parts of the island came to a standstill. In the city roads turned into rivers, cars were washed away, people were stranded, traffic jams aplenty, shops washed out, power outages, cars totally submerged and four wheel drives stuck. In fact - total chaos reigned. I watched one man being interviewed on last night's news and he had lost files and his lap top as water rushed into his car.

Motorists left their vehicles, commuters started walking home whilst others just waited for the waters to subside. The emergency services were totally overwhelmed.

The Meteorological Office described the occurrence as an odd afternoon thunder shower and nothing to be too concerned about! However this 'odd afternoon thunder shower' affected most parts of Trinidad. Highways too were flooded, rivers overflowed and the downstairs of a friend's house was completely washed out as were many others.

When the government solves the country's drainage problems and a law is passed which stops people from carving into the rain forests to build their mansions, we may see an improvement. Until then, an umbrella is useless.

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