Monday, September 13, 2010

Silly Me! What Do I Know???

MEMO TO SELF: in order to keep your sanity, conserve your energy and keep a cool head, refrain from getting involved in Multiply blogs that are remotely concerned with anything political/religious/racist. Avoid all discussions about Islam, Christianity, the building of mosques, the burning of religious books, Crusades, the possibility of Muslim/Christian communities actually interacting on a loving basis, Obama, Republicans, Democrats, the British government, sexual abuse within the Catholic church, the Pope's visit to Great Britain, racism etc... etc.... What the hell do I know? I have amongst other things, only lived in Muslim countries, seen abject poverty in Africa, am a practicing Roman Catholic who is horrified at the cover ups, am married to a black man whose mother was pure Chinese, have seen racism of all kinds, was the only white child in an all Chinese Girls' Convent, was a member of the Young Conservatives and have chaired debates on most of the above. Silly me..........whatever made me think that I knew anything?



  1. Someone on FB recently said their father always used to say "step away from the crazy".

  2. Yes, often remaining calm and silent is the best policy. However, it IS so hard to do when confronted by prejudice, extremism and intolerance...

  3. Yes Trinitee!

    I've heard that policy Willow but sometimes.............

    Nicholas I can't bear those awful traits that you mention and my hackles rise when I read stuff by arm chair critics who feel they have all the answers.


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