Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi 2013

In the last month I have had 896 hits on my various Indian Arrival Day blogs which I began in 2010.  I decided not to write one this year as there is very little I can add to the last three posts apart from the fact that it is 168 years since the first Indians arrived here in Trinidad and Tobago on the ship, the Fatel Razack and began work in the cane fields as indentured labourers.  

This year the Roman Catholic Feast of Corpus Christi falls on the 30 May which is also the celebration of Indian Arrival Day so instead of one Public Holiday incorporating both, the government in its infinite wisdom, decided that tomorrow, Friday should also be a Public Holiday.  Talk about catering to the masses!!  

Corpus Christi is a liturgical solemnity celebrating the tradition and belief in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and His presence in the Eucharist.  It emphasizes the joy of the institution of the Eucharist

On this day when we celebrate both Indian Arrival and Corpus Christi I am once again  struck by the diverse culture of this twin island Caribbean nation.  Whilst the two islands are predominantly Roman Catholic, a great many of those of East Indian descent are of the Hindu faith.  I am heartened by the fact that religious intolerance is not a major factor in this country.

So to my friends out there, whether you are celebrating your Catholicism or the arrival of your ancestors, I wish you all a very happy day. 


  1. Another year has gone by! Amazing. I remember this from last year.

    1. Indeed -another year!! Frightening!

      Interesting - I have had 24 views to this post since it went up about an hour ago!!

  2. Tolerance is so important. Others could certainly learn from your country's example.
    Enjoy your holiday : )

    1. Tolerance of beliefs is as you say, important. Sadly it only seems to happen on festivals and feasts. Other times such as day to day activities, can be disastrous.


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