Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Self Protection


Walking, Walking Singing in the New Dimension? 1979 by Marris Graves
Photo courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales on Blogger

Awakening to the world
Feeling human
A thanksgiving prayer
And life was good

Daily crackle onslaught
Too early
Disturbing my spirit
So life became bad

Suck in sharp irritability
Quick retaliation
To unnecessary remarks
Interpreted as criticism

Change of hairstyle
Good last night
Cannot ever compensate
When clothes don’t fit

Fumes from bumper to
Bumper traffic
Impatience of drivers
Road rage abounds

Suffocating heat makes
Noise even louder
As the city
Springs to life

Different ethnic groups
Unbearably sullen
Step over homeless
Asleep on pavements

Cool of my sanctuary
Behind office door
Down the valium
Pink aura protects 

Barbara M Lake ©
Trinidad WI
June 2013


  1. An amazing collection of thoughts, reactions, musings, reflection ....

  2. A range of human emotions! At least the day started well !

  3. This is such a good interpretation of the range of human conditions. We can be happy and content in our own little world. But then we realize the human condition of so many and it is difficult to comprehend. Very thought provoking.

  4. Smart and savvy; quite compelling...

  5. This sounds so real, so honest. Very few of us are naturally altruistic - good days and bad . . .

  6. you described my working days when living in a heavily
    populated area perfectly....except for the valium!
    well done Bee!

  7. You conveyed the reality perfectly, Bee...

  8. Thank you everyone for visiting and your comments which as always, are very much appreciated. Last Tuesday was `thst sort of day` and the Maglie came out just as I was feeling.

  9. Love particularly the last stanza


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