Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Against all family rules I have brought work home so instead of thinking sun, sand and sea I am about to get down to things I don't have time to do during normal working hours.  They say that that's bad management but I know better than that.

I am overwhelmed. Simple as that!

How is your day treating you?


  1. Two people have tried to comment and are being ejected. Thanks blogger - you're adding to my headache!

  2. I have tried to comment on several posts over the last half hour without success. This is infuriating! Kristen Haskell has written an excellent blog on Female Friends which begs a comment....

  3. Okay, I am giving it a try. Like your mouse photo.

    Shouldn't Sunday be a day of rest? If you work too many days it ruins your effectiveness.

  4. So you did Jacqui and look at all the links to your page from mine!


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