Monday, June 6, 2011

Real Revenge!


Photograph courtesy of Tess KinkaidMagpie Tales

(To be recited whilst waving hands/gesticulating)

Okay okay okay
Don't shout!
I hear ya
Oy vey oy vey
Okay already
Ya gotta da eye
Now ya really vanta
Da tooth?

Barbara M Lake
June  2011
Trinidad WI


  1. No, the eye will do just fine. Thanks for the offer, though.

  2. wow! What a freaky and awesome piccie, and the poem made me giggle, because I know that feeling ever so well.

  3. Heehee. Perfect. (I can see you waving your hands around)

  4. Love this, I am still in shock looking at the image this week, gruesome sight!!

  5. Funny, funny (I did wave my hands AND my arms)

  6. Hahahaha! I did laugh out loud, literally! That's just great!

  7. This was a funny one, in a quirky way.

  8. Great humorous take on such a serious picture...very spirited piece : )

  9. Really liked the mixed up dialect..a good laugh!

  10. LOL...this is GREAT! Gotta hand it to you, this one was gross, but you really were creative...

  11. Martin, thank you for leaving da toot!

    Birdie, I think many of us do!

    Tess, I thought it might help in making it a little ore real! And I've changed it since you were here!

    Brigid, nice that you like it - I almost threw up when I saw the picture first thing on Monday morning!

    Helen, I can imagine you doing that - it adds a little something!

    Mary nice that it made you laugh and Sioux, I like that you found it funny.

    Ladycat, nice to see you and yes a serious picture but if I'd been serious about it, I'd have had to look at it a little longer and I was feeling queazy as it was..........

    Thank you Lyn - I did it very quickly although I went back a couple of times and changed it.

    Aye eye Kathe, thank you!

    Such a compliment coming from you Donna - as I said I couldn't be serious.

    Or maybe I should have told the true story of my poor mother as guest of honour under a tent in the desert having to eat a sheep's eye! Now that was gross................and she never knew how she didn't gag - the perfect guest! I mentioned that in her eulogy.

  12. And next the wig and the false leg, I guess?! LOL

  13. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!" Bee, that is hysterical! We can laugh now, but there was some pretty brutal stuff in the ancient times... Very original!

  14. This is great =)

  15. Well, finally. After five tries, it looks like this is actually going to post. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. I guess so Jinsky!

    Yes there was brutal stuff in ancient times - and in some places unfortunatetly, not a great deal has changed Margaret.

    Yes it was Tumblewords - I couldn't look at it for long enough to do a serious write!

    Thank you mindlovemisery.

    Thanks Annie. I don't know why it took so many times!

    Thank you all for calling in.

  17. Thanks Ren.

    On reading it my daughter said that although it didn't bother her it could be seen as being 'politically incorrect'! No offence to anyone was ever intended.


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