Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tip by Tip


Soft brown leather gloves
Beautifully lined
Protecting my hands
From cold sleet and snow
In depths of a Yorkshire winter

Now by the fireside
Warm and safe
Carefully pulling tips
Of gloves inch by inch
Gently removing each finger by finger 

I had no idea then
How each movement
Gave you pleasure
How much you found
My naturally slow actions so sensuous

Soft brown leather gloves
Bring back memories
Of a time long ago
When eyes gave away feelings
With the simple removal of gloves

© Barbara M Lake
January 2011 


  1. scrumptious poem...nicely done! and thanks for your nice comments- I have an additional blog- just put together for a years worth of photos- one a day for this year!

  2. Your Magpie is a wonderful reminder of how life used to be ... I was born in 1941 and remember. Beautifully written. Happy New Year.

  3. Ooh sounds so enticing and full of promise. Lovely, Bee.

    Hope you are enjoying this new year to the fullest and likewise it is one full of all sorts of promises, :)

  4. Very nice. Erotic. Brings back memories of a very sexy college Sociology professor that said if every coed wore a glove on her right hand the first thing her date would want to do is remove it and the best would do it slowly.

  5. Romantic and captivating those gloves and your words...i love this Bee!! :-)

  6. vivid capture of emotions on these gloves.
    well done magpie.

  7. Undressing the hands can be just as sensuous as undressing the body to one who watches carefully...

  8. Kathew I will be visiting when I catch up with myself!

    I didn't realize at the time Angel! But I soon woke up!

    Helen, thank you. It was the late 60s. 'fings 'ain't wot they used to be'!

    Thank you Mmm - always nice to see you here. It's very important for you that you enjoy this year to the fullest and put what you can, behind you.

    Nice reminder Jacqui - funnily enough I was going to put the word 'erotic' in there but changed it.

    Thank you Carrie - true story! sighs - times past!!

    Thank you jingle - emotions brought to the surface through apair of gloves

    Trellissimo, welcome! So I learned!

  9. Bee,
    There is and always has been something sensuous in donning and removing a pair of form fitting leather gloves. Prelude of things to come?

  10. If you say so Rel!!

    Prelude? I can't remember!


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