Sunday, April 26, 2020

Our House - A Light Bulb Moment!

Our House - Light Bulb Moment!
Apart from the hose detaching itself from the vacuum cleaner this morning, it was an uneventful weekend. That was, until about an hour ago when I tried to turn on the standard lamp and nothing happened. Dammit! After several attempts of fiddling with the switch, turned the lamp on its side (of course it's taller than I am!) unscrewed the bulb thinking 'well that didn't last very long!) put it to my ear and shook it. The usual sound that tells you that it's dead, didn't happen. 'Oh lawd' she thought 'it's the wire running up/down the inside of the casing.

Goes to find a bulb and only has 75 watts and this contraption takes a 60 watt. Never mind, that will do for this evening! Inserts bulb into lamp socket, upends lamp and turns the switch. Nada!! Huh! And I thought this was a good buy! Ponders - now what? Stares at floor and suddenly a real light bulb moment! Plug at the end of the cord is not plugged into the wall socket! Why? Because the blue tooth speaker is being charged in the socket where the lamp plug would normally be!! Shakes head and thinks 'you've lost all of your brain cells'!! 60 watt bulb restored and back in business!


PS: mentioning the vacuum cleaner reminded me of a conversation many years ago with my husband:
Me: I have to hoover.
Husband: No, you have to vacuum. Hoover is a brand name.
Me sarcastically: So tell me, why do you call tissues Kleenex?


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