Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Our House! In the Time of Isolation!


I find myself in what can only be described as interesting times!! At 2am this morning I rediscovered the engineer in me when my standing fan refused to turn on. I could hear the motor but the blades were at a standstill. Studied it and realized one blade was touching the casing. Ahha! Applied flat head screwdriver to casing and removed the front. Straightened blade, turned back on and presto, blades whizzing. Reassembled fan. Turned on and nothing. So...... took the whole thing apart and lo and behold, it worked. Problem was I couldn't get the back of the case back on. Threw casings into the shower - now seemed like a good time as any! Spent the night with a whizzing fan sans casing. This morning kept reminding myself to avoid walking near to it. Hah - now sporting a slight cut to hand and a strange shape on my hip!

My plumbing abilities have obviously disappeared into the distant past. I was once known for fixing my waste disposal unit without help from my husband who at the time was in some far off land - Africa! This morning I tried to deal with the kitchen tap which is spouting water! Yes I know it needs a washer but my attempts failed there!

So after the tap episode, decided to go back to the time of children's parties and made brown bread ( Kate Wong !) egg mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch. Well, they didn't taste the same! Maybe that was because I wasn't making them for hoards of children!

As I was doing that, I thought I'd fill the pepper grinder! Well! Just in time, I realized cloves were about to go into it!

I'll be glad when I can finally go back to my office!!

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