Sunday, April 19, 2020

Our House - Disaster in the Kitchen!

I hope what just happened to me isn't going to be the setting for the coming week!! I just opened the oven door to add the marinated chicken breast to the baking potato, when one side of the handle dropped down and as I was looking for the screw to put it back together, the same happened to the other side of the handle. The entire handle landed on the floor and the door flew open! Still can't find the screws to put it back together. The door is now propped up with a kitchen stool and so it's going to now be pan-seared chicken with sauteed parsley potatoes!! That is when the heat from the oven dies down. Pours glass of wine! Geez! 

You gotta laugh!   

I did say to dear friend Jacqui Binford-Bell last week that the 'Our House' series was not dead! Not by a long way!!

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