Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Willow's Ball 2011

I am absolutely rushing to attend Willow's Annual Ball.

It has as usual crept up on me at a rate faster than a blink of an eye and so as is normal in my life, I have a million things to get through before I leave this evening, I just thought that I'd let you all know what my plans are.

I'm flying out later this evening to Miami via American Airlines.

Because I need to be on top form for tomorrow, John
will be waiting for me on the tarmac with his jet (and a glass of ice cold champagne) so that we can fly straight  to Dublin, Ohio and then after dinner and a good night's sleep, relax before the big night.  I invited John because I'm tired of men who insist on stamping on my toes whilst dancing and then leaving an imprint of their hand on my back. To say nothing of my butt especially if I decide to wear white!

Will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn which I hope will be acceptable.  Everywhere else was booked even with the name dropping!

It has a spa so that's fine! 

So off to throw as few things in my open suitcase - which dress? Which dress?  Lord above - decisions, decisions!  Will keep you posted  as to progress. But it's all hush, hush at this end  because as always, I really am sneaking away!!

Can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday 12 October 2011 - 12.31am

We have arrived after a fabulous flight and have laid out some of my wardrobe.  Have decided on Chanel this year but cannot decide on the classic or the modern although am not keen on bare arms!  Still pondering.  John says either looks good - just like a man.


 Very different I know!

Problem with shoes too although either will go with both. Both are Jimmy Shoo  - I think - I just threw the in.


 Think I'll call it a night and decide on jewels tomorrow.


It's fabulous to be here  and John and I are having a wonderful time.  (I am so glad I invited him and yes anyone who likes can dance with him except of course for the last dance),  I'm avoiding Alan Rickman after last year's fiasco!

As you can see I did choose the white number which Karl said  was far more elegant for such an event even though he had designed them both.  The red was too 'red carpet if you know what I mean and yes at my age, arms unless you exercise like mad, are better covered!  I knew that really but you know me, I always throw in something different 'just in case'.  And yes, the second pair of shoes are better with the dress not to mention, more comfortable for this long night.

Thought you might just like to see the perfume just in case you get a whiff of it and wonder what it is.  

You see I'm a Chanel girl at heart and that's never going to change!  And I decided to go with diamonds and rubies.

I slipped out onto the terrace with the most delicious  roulade  and glass of champagne.  Have to keep the energy levels up.

Going to circulate now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's so nice to see everyone having such a wonderful time.  Willow really does put on a spectacular event, doesn't she and doesn't she look stunning?  

PS  anyone notice Nigella leaving the room.........................????? Just asking!.


  1. Me too and I really didn't think I was going to be able to make it this year! Seriously. My work load is killing.

  2. It's so exciting. Can't wait to see you at Willow Manor!

  3. We have arrived, are relaxing and I think I'll dump the red dress!

  4. Dear dear Bee,
    Yes, the white looks just you. Divine. See you at the Manor. I am in New York, picking up Misha!

  5. Bee,
    Have a fabulous time my dear and give my regards to John. Unfortunately I won't be attending this year as I'm leaving shortly for a rendezvous with Jennifer Lopez; we're attending the wedding of my son in south Texas.
    dance your feet off.

  6. The white looks divine my dear - a timeless classic. Although I liked the red I fear my days of 'bare arms' are over.


  7. Dash it all...I've been running all over the Manor to see which dress you chose...I hope it was the white!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Darlin' Bee,
    I didn't want to say but am so glad you 'dumped' the red dress. Not only would it compete in its beauty with that of our divinely red-feathered hostess, but IMO does not hold a candle to the exquisite white gown, which I simply fell in love with. And with those heels, why darlin' you are just the bee's knees tonight! And isn't John THE dancer of the evening? Good choice. And I hear your (old) pain - Bertie is ever and always stepping on toes, Lord love him.

  10. You were a vision in white and I am so glad I got to meet you and your dashing date! You were by far the best dancers.

  11. How will you ever decide which one to wear? They are all stunning. So glad you could get away, come to the Ball. Cheers!

  12. Enjoy yourself,Bee! Everyone's all worked up for this event. I might just drop in, may be next year if there is one!


  13. nice to meet you, bee ~ and i think you should wear BOTH dresses to the ball....

  14. Dancing with you was delightful... it gave me a buzz!! I'm glad we managed to hold out for three numbers. I was left breathless. So much fun!! You have some dramatic looking moves in that elegant Chanel gown! Perhaps we can dance again later... :)

  15. You in that white gown WITH those Jimmy shoes? We were all ga-ga!!!

  16. White, sheer and elegant! Dress No.1 wins......and if I steal a dance from John, let's just say I hope his shoes are sturdy....!!

  17. John Travolta! Awesome.... Clark behaves as you described above, I'm afraid. But I'm not complaining too much ;) A little Disco and swiveling hips sound exciting... Did you see the videos of Tess dancing up a storm.. I hope she will allow others to dance with John.

    For a Cyber ball, I vote for the red dress and, well, you have great taste in shoes. I vote you wear the 1st ones as I am wearing the 2nd.

  18. OK, I'll admit. I like the white dress. I just think the 2nd pair of shoes will look better with it and I didn't want to be matchy, matchy. But, I will be happy to be so! ... and I saw you walk in and you floated on John's arm! Can't wait to see you swirling (and flipping?" on the dance floor.

  19. You will look fabulous with either outfit. Perhaps you can change mid-party.

  20. Thank you for the lovely comments. Yes I'm glad I went with the white and the second pair of shoes - they are so comfortable and very much ore me than the others, Off to have a glass of bubbly and something light before John and I hit the dance floor.

    Thank you Rel - sorry you won't be there but a son's wedding is far more important to say nothing of your partner for the happy event. all good wishes to your son and bride.

  21. You'll be a knock out in either. Any blanks left on your dance card?

  22. Spa? They have a spa??????


  23. Oh what a fabulous idea, a message before the ball. Too late now. But I might try to sneak one in before Eugene and I head over to Moscow for an after party.

  24. Bee, you and John are sure to be hits at the ball.. save a dance for me... :)

  25. I will have to catch up with you all tomorrow pre brunch!

  26. Well, both gowns are absoutely stunning! WOW! you must have looked like a knock out. :)

    I'm afraid I missed it all though, adn the BEatles too! Oh no! Was tied up in an all week all day traning thing where by evenings I was totally wiped out.

    As it is, as a former contributor over the years, wanted to tell you that I am closing Hot Toast and Jam so thought you might enjoy its last post. Please read to the end for surprise.

    God bless. I will still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

  27. oh my.I love your good taste


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