Tuesday, August 2, 2011



 Photograph courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales
A long straight dusty road
Mile after mile of nothing
Except flat land
As far as the eye can see

No t junctions or side roads
To break the monotony
Of driving through
The parched hardened land

A stifling hot afternoon
Not even a hint of breeze
To help cool
Even with all windows down

A dot in the far distance
Looms larger as the
Miles go by
At last a place of refuge

Dozing man on the stoop
A slow turning turbine
Creaks in pain
Breaking the total silence

Barbara Lake ©
August 2011
Trinidad  WI


  1. Wonderful take on this Magpie. It certainly transported me to the plains of Kansas.

  2. I like your poem, Bee! Great sense of atmosphere and country.

  3. A great sense of vast emptiness here.

    I have never travelled in the states so had no idea that is what it was really like

  4. Ohh...you have beautifully described a lonely-rough journey...Nicely done indeed! :)

  5. Oh wow. A parched poem with a let-down ending, but not your writing, which is superb as always. The event had me wanting water, water and a bit of excitement for this narrator's end only to find a creaking, snoring, snoozing old poop on a stoop 'breaking the total silence'.

  6. Wow! You painted a vivid work of art with your words....

  7. I felt that one. Achingly hot and dry.

  8. (Bee - hope you don't mind if I mention there is a typo in S2,L1, just a spacing thing. I did my comment separately if you want to change that line and delete this.

  9. Jacqui: of you were transported to the plains of Kansas then I was able to conjure up some sort of atmosphere - and that gives me hope! Thank you.

    Nicholas: coming from you, that is praise indeed. Thank you.

    Jane: I'm glad you picked up on the emptiness. Thank you. I have never travelled through the US - I've just a lot of movies!

    Erratic: thank you

    Catfish: sorry you were disappointed by the ending - that's normally what happens when the traveller gets to the gas station in no man's land - the sweaty, dozing attendant ignores him/her...

    Helen; thank you. you always come with such words of encouragement.

    Other Mary: thank you, you were meant to! And no I don't mind at all. I couldn't make up my mind whether it was a Tjunction, a tee junction or a T junction. Mow that you've brought it up I'm going to take it out altogether for the simple reason that there would not be a t junction on a desert road! Thanks.

  10. l too felt the aloneness, and dustiness of the long hot journey.

  11. Wow, I love this. Wonderful imagery.

  12. ha..oh, that is sooo true....you captured a road trip in the Midwest USA perfectly! :)

  13. For a minute I missed the word "driving" and imagined someone walking. Then I thought of the way I felt when first driving across the Alberta prairie after a lifetime in British Columbia, which is all mountain ranges.
    (PS — I think it is T-junction, if I remember correctly from novels set in England. One road meeting another but not crossing it.)
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Nice one!! Long dreary roads and the monotony of driving is nerve racking and so even the creak of an old turbine can be music to the ears!! :)

  15. You have captured that feeling well Bee this is written beautifully!

  16. Summer feels like a long monotonous road about now. Wonderful write, B.

  17. Lynn: glad you caught the drift

    Thingy: thank you

    Betsy: glad you think so

    jj: thank you for visiting and page and making such a nice comment

    Kay L: I wouldn't like to be walking that road! Glad it stirred some memories. Yes it is T Junction - still haven't changed it!

    Nanka: you're right

    Carrie: nice to see you - thank you

    Tess: funny in winter how we long for the heat and then...........thank you

    Thank you to you all for dropping in, reading and leaving me such positive comments.

  18. Oh! Look! I can comment now. Yay!!!

    Love the poem and imagery. It paints a very true picture of West Texas, a more desolate place I cannot thing of.

  19. So pleased to see you here Annie.

    I can only imagine what it must be like to be in a place such as West Texas so am pleased to kow that you think I caught it, Thank you.


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