Monday, May 2, 2011

The Long Wait

 MAG 64

Smoldering Fires, Clarence Holbrook Carter, 1904-2000
Columbus Museum of Art
Photograph courtesy of Tess Kinkaid, for Magpie Tales

I could not bring myself to run
To the head of the mine 
When  I heard the roar that signified
The dreaded explosion 

I could not bring myself to go
To the door of the mine
Where mothers, wives and daughters
Wept and prayed  

I could not bring myself to face head on
At the opening of the mine 
That you may well be one of those
Trapped deep within

I could not bring myself to up and leave 
The security of my home
Where the only sure being in my life is
Our beloved child 

I cannot bring myself  to run and throw
My aching arms around you
For I am weary having lost all hope
Of  your survival 

Barbara M Lake ©
May 2011


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. It's a searing piece that pulls at my heart. Well constructed!

  2. I agree with Brenda... a moving and poignant piece!


  3. This wonderful painting brought so much pain to creative minds. Yours is one of the most painful tales and well told.

  4. I enjoyed your piece. We both went with the mine theme.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting.


  5. So sad, Bee. I will remember this one.

  6. Such a poignant piece... stark losses felt deep within the soul. Brilliantly penned!

  7. A heart-felt poem, Bee...
    Mine disasters I'm rather sensitive to and this poem really expresses the dread and anxiety felt by the families as they wait to hear about the fate of their loved ones.

  8. Despair, resignation and anticipation. Well crafted.

  9. This is a very touching poem. You really captured the emotion so well. Waiting & not knowing is such a hard thing to do.

  10. Your Magpie certainly tugged at my heartstrings ..

  11. Angst and tragedy captured so well, B.

  12. What a situation for someone to be in, such an evocative Magpie.

  13. so weary from losing hope - I have felt that exhaustion - wonderfully written.

  14. A heartbreaking poem.Great expression of feelings.

  15. Hard hitting, yet softly poignant. Pleasure to read.

  16. Solid tale-response to the prompt

  17. Hi Bee. I notice you have not posted for about a week. Hope all is well.

  18. A beautiful and moving piece Bee...a powerful poem for the prompt!

  19. Beautiful and so sad...nicely done. Thank you for sharing it.

  20. Poignant - such sadness, well written.

  21. Wow, that toally chokes me up, Bee. Simply beautiful.

    I did want to come by to wish you a very Happy (American) Mother's Day too. :)

  22. Thank you so very much everyone for you kind comments. I really do appreciate you all. I'm so so sorry I haven't answered each one individually as I would like to have done but this last week, time has been against me - my job is interfering with my 'me' time!! Thanks Annie for caring - I'm fine - just not enough hours in the day! Added to which my daughter has had the lap top - her final Law exams start this week so praying people, please say a little prayer for her.

    Thank you everyone. See you all next week when I will try to catch up with those Mags and posts I haven't managed to visit.

  23. I am fascinated by your use of the mine concept. I did not see that and therefore you provided me with deeper vision. Thank you. (And don't stress about visiting my have enough on your plate!)

  24. Thank you Lydia - I don't know why a mine came to mind because I didn't see the train until later!


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