Friday, April 30, 2010

Our House Revisited 2007

After blogging for only a few weeks, on the 21 October 2007 I wrote the first blog in the "Our house" series. It was well received which gave me the courage to move on with it. The logo that accompanied that blog was a bone china cup and saucer. Later, for reasons which became obvious I changed the logo to the one you see above.

This was the first one!

Oh Lord – I have to now admit it. I couldn’t understand how my good friend Donna Mae who we all call the “The Trinidad Queen of Blog” has the shakes, doesn’t know which end is up, is snappy and more sarcastic than usual (retort to any throwaway comment: “AND your point is?”) just because her computer ‘is down’. I now understand it all. I woke up at 4.55am today and instead of saying my prayers, I began to compose Friday’s blog!

By 6.15am when husband and daughter had gone on their merry way, the topic I had in mind at 4.55am had changed three times. “Have to get it down’ and before you could say “Jack Flash” I caught myself turning on the computer, sitting down and actually starting to write. Hell no………………

So there I was, with one eye on BBC World, (husband always leaves the television on when he vacates premises and the radio and the air conditioner and anything else that makes a noise), hearing how the English Rugby fans were all trying to pile onto trains at Waterloo Station and how there was a rail strike in France and how, if at all, they were all going to get to Paris to watch the final between their team and South Africa. Who cares? Rugby fanatics I suppose. Then there was the news yet again, of the dreadful bomb blast aimed at the pro West Benazir Bhutto as her convoy travelled through the streets of Karachi That was followed by the news that the Big Crash happened exactly twenty years ago today and the question asked was “is the world any different today?’ You bet your sweet life it is.

Now the events in my house prior to 6.15am paled into insignificance in the light of what the BBC had to say. So I upped, turned off the computer and decided to go and put my face on instead. But one thing did scare me as I thought about what had taken place in our house earlier.

5.10am Me reclining on bed, sipping tea which husband had placed on my bedside.
5.12am A great deal of banging coming from the kitchen followed by daughter screaming out – it was not a question I assure you: "Who was the last person to eat the Guacamole?”. (For breakfast???)

Daughter continuing in very uppity manner “Well whoever it was, don’t you know that you are supposed to replace things in the fridge when you use the last one of anything? Doesn’t anyone know there is another one in the freezer? Nobody refills anything in this house”.

Me calling out: “Scoop some out and defrost it in the microwave"

More banging of cupboards.

Daughter: “I would if it wasn’t frozen rock solid. Oh well, it’s fattening anyway”.

Slamming of fridge door.
Husband/father: “Sorry, my fault – I didn’t know there was another one in the freezer”.
Daughter: “What? You didn’t look? You are supposed to know these things. How long have you lived in this house?”

More banging.


Slamming of microwave.

Silence followed by an under-the-breath-comment from daughter followed by snickering from both husband and daughter.

Then it dawned on me.

Me: “Oh my God – you sound just like me!”

“Exactly!” followed by peals of laughter whilst I, in an extremely dignified manner returned to the bedroom to finish my tea!


  1. Hahahahaha. Welcome to MY world. Priceless.

  2. Oh, hee-hee--I absolutely adore your ending here. Gotcha! Yes, returning to the room with tea in a most dignified manner was probably the best thing you could do.


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