Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Early Morning Fight

I am very bad! Against my better judgement, I have just had a fight with a 240 calorie chocolate chip muffin.

It lost!

I ate it!


  1. From time to time we need such fights. Question is did your inner spirit feel better for having bested this muffin? Dieting for 2 weeks I believe mine would have been singing.

  2. Hi Bee!!! Glad to hear the muffin lost! LOL...oh how I love muffins. Haven't had one for ages, but did enjoy a lemon and lime tart today. Bad bad bad. But gee it tasted good good good! Liana.

  3. No, dear Bee. it won. you lost. that was its purpose all along. :)

  4. sighs,,,,,,,,,,,after the first two bites i didn't even enjoy it!


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