Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thirty Years.

Thirty years ago today I got married and I am still married to the same man!  Yesterday flowers from my husband, were delivered to me at work. I am blessed and fortunate. Today I look back over the years and know that even during bumpy times, this marriage was to be.  I know we won't ever celebrate sixty only because we are of the age when that figure is unrealistic but another ten isn't beyond the realms of possibility.

Although my husband won't read this as he's not a Blogger, I want him to know that I love and cherish him.  The marriage has never been dull, boring or lacked humour and for that and many other facets, I am more than grateful.

For those of you who remember and for those of you who never read my Our House series, here a very small taste of how it's been. The humour is still with us.


  1. Beautiful flowers to celebrate a wonderful milestone!

  2. Tank you Kathy. It is a milestone and I have to say, never a dull moment in all those years!


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