Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Meeting

Mag 82 

The Revenant, 1949, Andrew Wyeth

Photograph courtesy Tess Kinkaid,  Magpie Tales

Breathing is difficult
Short sharp rattling

Vision is blurred
White closing in

Life running out
Time to journey 

You are here
Again to help

Nothing to fear
Hands reach out

Body slips away
Immortal soul flies

Barbara M Lake  ©      
September 2011
Trinidad, WI


  1. You made 'the white light' we have heard of seem very real ... love this!

  2. Yes, it might be like that...lovely. Thank you.

  3. I especially like "white closing in"...wonderful write, Bee...

  4. It is what's coming that can be worrying! Great verse, Bee!


  5. There seems to be something about that 'white light' doesn't there and yes Hank, it is what's coming after...........depending on how one has lived one's life!

    Many thanks everyone. I only wish I had let my Muse in earlier during the week!!!

  6. Very dark painting (despite the swathes of pale colour) calls for a dark poem. Well done, Bee!

  7. Thank you Nicholas - it is a bit dark isn't it???


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